Counting down.

Twelve more days and I'll have the laser procedure done on my left ear. I was told the other day that the procedure would likely be painful for a while, but that it would be well worth it, by a young lady who has undergone similar procedures more than once. I'm definitely not looking forward to more pain, but I am looking forward to having my hearing restored. Today our church opened up at 9:30 a.m. for a joint Bible study and then followed that with the church service. Both times observing social distancing. I almost went, but I'm still not quite comfortable with being there with so many people, since I'm in an at risk group. I think of our President Trump and his wife who have been in the news recently because they both have tested positive for Covid19. Prayers going up for them both. Saturday's night time photo for this post was actually taken last night. It is the nearly full Moon viewed through my Meade telescope. It is now 10:19 p.m. October 3rd, despite what time and date the app shows.

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