ESSAY FOR THE BIOPAGE COMPETITION I am delighted to participate in this contest that Biopage is organizing to encourage aspiring writers and writing enthusiasts in general, and particularly in this time of the pandemic. I would like to share my writing experience as a new writer, author, bakery/pastry student, and full-time mom who finds voice, joy, fun, and comfort in writing. This is the opportunity for me to showcase my abilities through literature. In high school, I liked Haitian and French literature, sociology, the Bible and I had very good results in these subjects. In other words, I love everything about literature, but I never knew I was passionate about writing until I immigrated to the United States over ten years ago. years old and passed a Harvard Extension Intermediate English Level essay competition in the spring and summer of 2008. When I write in my journal, I often express my ideas, inspirations, and frustrations, but this year my writing skills and abilities have taken a new step. They have reached a deeper level that allows me to write cultural and fictional books for adults and especially for children of which my daughter is the main source of inspiration. During the pandemic, like everyone is aware of the current situation which is a global health crisis in the history of the world, but it also came with positive results of which I am among them. It allows me to have more time at home to write. Even though this pandemic has turned the world upside down, so many lives have been lost and their souls rest in peace, but it also brings joy and laughter for some. This is the reality we live in. You can regain your voice, well under bad circumstances even if he/she is not the cause. This means that I really take the opportunity not to get tired of this virus, to write my ideas, inspirations that I have transformed into little books. I am also grateful and very fortunate for the health of my family and me during this time of the pandemic. If either of us were diagnosed with Covid 19, I couldn't think clearly and positively. I wouldn't find the strength to write so many little books in such a short time when I was in school full time and taking care of my daughter either. So far, I can say that everything is happening for a reason. This pandemic period also helps me realize that life is so short and so precious at the same time. I felt like I was managing my time really well because tomorrow is not guaranteed and not mine either, so I should make good use of my time not to hand it over which I don't do by chance, but every second count. This is the reason why I was able to write so many short stories in a short time. I kept getting inspirations, ideas from my daughter and myself, so I put them in writing so that I could put them to good use later. Even though I couldn't find a job due to my daughter's schedule and mine, but I didn't let it affect my mental state. On the contrary, I changed it into positivity, into writing, by creating new things. So, I had to stay home with her most of the time because the schools and daycare were physically closed and practically open. As a stay-at-home mom writing was my first option to kill free time even though I barely had it. In other words, the writing was the best option for reducing academic and parenting stress for me. So, I thought to myself that I had to find something very interesting to kill the free time that I will be spending at home with my daughter. Therefore, I stayed home with her the entire time that I finally realized with Covid that this was something I was supposed to do, especially with my sheet music and my interests in writing and literature. during my high school years in Haiti. Here I just have something to talk about a little bit about my first project which is a songbook I created for my community churches, parents so they can teach their children good manners through songs religious. Bible verses, a story, and prayers that I wrote. My biggest inspiration has been the community church I attend. It's a small church, but full of interesting and intelligent children. They are eager to learn the song in languages other than English, for example, Haitian Creole, my mother tongue, French and Spanish learned in school. Whenever I had the chance to work with them in the children's class, I would do my best to teach them at least one song. One Sabbath, I even typed three songs to teach them in class. From there, the idea of writing a songbook reappeared and I decided to do something more professional. Fortunately, with hard work and dedication, I have created a devotional book that contains more than ten songs with prayers, bible verses, story, a puzzle with words related to the songs. It took me at least a year to write this book with the writing, design, and everything about books, but it's worth it.

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