Making Lemonade Again

Monday I was going to climb one of the local foothills, called Mt Peak. But the world gave me a lemon in the form of a flat tire. I got the jack out and was prepared to jack the car up and put the spare tire on, when I realized that my lug wrench wouldn't work on my lug nuts. I ended up walking somewheres around 4.5 to 5 miles to the nearest auto parts store to buy the splined socket and a 4 way lug wrench needed to remove the after market lug nuts. On my way to the store I took the scenic route and got 15 or so photos, mostly of nature. I did discover that my new 4 way lug wrench works rather nicely as a base for my crystal ball. So taking the scenic route was my way of making lemonade out of the flat tire lemon.

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