The Attack of the Picture Frame

Okay, so everyone who knows me, knows I'm a klutz. True enough but you've got to admit, a lot of what I've done has been done by others and will continue to be done by others. My latest mishap? A picture frame! I carefully lifted all those annoying metal prongs to remove the back in order to insert my photo. Whew! Did that with no problem. Then I carefully pressed them all back down...... or so I thought. I held the frame sideways against the wall to measure where the nails would go for hanging. And that's when my problems began. The frame slipped and rather than having a piles of splintered glass to sweep, I caught the frame. Yes, you guess it! The one prong I missed didn't miss my thumb! Ouch, that hurt as it slid across the back of my thumb. And boy did it bleed!!! My attempts at curtailing and stopping the blood flow were all in vain and a trip to the local ER was inevitable. Four hours and three stitches later, I arrived back home. Now, here we are, two weeks later, the sutures are out but my thumb is still a bit swollen and very sore. The doctor said it will be this way for about "maybe another week." Wonderful!! Just wonderful!! I don't think that anyone every realizes how useful their thumbs are until it hurts so badly to use it, you don't. Can't hitchhike anymore (although I never really did). Can't stick my thumb in a pie to pull out a plum (although I didn't do that either). But seriously, it hurts to hold a pen (or pencil). Opening a jar is out of the question. Anything that requires pressure against where the injury was is something that will only happen as the injury heals...which the doctors assured me will happen but slowly. So, now you're wondering why I'm blogging all this nonsensical trivia. It's to alert you of the hazards of what lies behind the frames. Before you attempt to hang your beautiful photos, check and double check that you've actually pushed all those prongs back into place. You just never know when one might be lurking behind to make you yell, “OUCH, that hurt”.

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