The November weather was breeze and cold as the day broke out to signal the start of a new week. Its a monday morning and the zeal to begin chasing goals has intensified as we near the Christmas season. Its another whole world entirely at the junction as people struggle and fight their way to get to their destinations for the day. Its just past 9 o'clock in the morning and the sun is already heating up the ozone layer and scorching the earth with its unforgiving heat. The multitude of people don't seem to notice this as their focus is solely zeroed in on catching the next available cab to their destination. Imagine a swam of bees hovering around a single honey pot !! Yeah !! That's the situation of things right now. Horns are blaring loudly while for the traffic to ease up as the road safety officials swoop in to save the day and ease the tension as much as they can, it still doesn't help the clustering of cars as some of them stop to pick passengers who are ready to pull the door off its hinges just to get in !! People are scattered all around at different angles around the galadima bridge hoping to be the first to catch sight of a cab going their way. Some individuals even go as far as stopping vehicles in the center lane and taking the risk of crossing the express way, just in an effort to reach the vehicles that would convey them. Well, as for me, am just standing underneath the bridge, observing all of the chaos happening all around. I eventually boarded a nice and comfortable vehicle that will take me to my destination. See you soon. Signing Out Miss J

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