He loves lurking in the dark, watching and listening to his next victim enjoying their time on earth without a clue he was unto to them. He marks his victims the usual way, moving from city to city picking out the perfect prey. This particular fish in the hook was young and full of life,smiling and laughing with friends, flirting with the boys at the table and having the time of her life. She has long wavy hair, brown eyes, slim and curvy with a sultry laughter just like his Ann. He became angry that instant at what had been taken from him and his blood lust grew thicker with every moment he watched her enjoy herself. He Smiled devilishly, he would enjoy yanking her hair so hard she would feel the pain in the roots of feet, he could hear her screams muffled by the duct tape, her eyes pleading for mercy and her face contorted in pain. He patted his jacket to feel the weight of the knife hidden in it. He eyes glowed at the feel of the jagged edges of the knife because he knew he was about to have fun tonight. He liked making a mess, he liked seeing all the organs in display as they had left Ann's and afterwards he would carefully arrange their bodies the exact way Ann's had been. This way, he was paying his respect to his beloved and enacting his revenge. He loved how they begged for their life, he loved watching the horror in their eyes as he plunged the knife down, he loved hearing the agonizing screams and he most enjoyed watching the light leave their eyes. He Smiled again to himself as he watched her break away from the group, he knew where she headed, knew her routine and he decided it was time. He followed her quietly, lurking in the shadows, ready to pounce. Miss J

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