I hate him !! I hate him with every fibre of my being. How could he do this to me ?? Wasn't I enough ?? I have been perfect all my life for him, I have acted properly as is expected of me as a respectable lady, I have toiled beside him and given him my all. Why ?? Where did I go wrong ?? How could he take out my heart and crush it with his bare hands without remorse ?? I curse the universe for denying me the one thing that matters the most to me. Why make me perfect and take away the gift of life from me ?? Why adorn me with beauty and make me hollow inside ?? I heard the cry !! Oh God !! That was the purest thing I have ever heard in my life and my heart squeezed so tightly in my chest that I felt like the cold hands of death had taken over. He couldn't give me the one thing that would make me whole, he gave up on me, and he chose her over me !! My rage is boiling over and my mind is made up. I will make him pay with his life, I will watch the light go out of his eyes and the smile fade from his lips. I will watch him struggle to breathe and claw at the earth helplessly knowing fully well I will be the last one to see him alive. I step towards the mirror and I barely recognize the woman I see there. Her eyes are cold, her lips thin, her face pale but alive with hate and a venom so palpably she looks downright evil. I stopped being the loving Irene the day I found out that Luke is a swine and a cheat. I smile as the carefully laid plan unfolds before my eyes, I can't wait to be done with the biggest threats to the one thing I want the most. Its going to be their punishment for stepping all over my heart and casting me aside like thrash. I am going to raise her as mine and care for her with a passion that would overwhelm her. The universe didn't give me what I asked for, so am taking it my way. They both die and the baby is mine. Am smiling as I imagine the feel of Violet - that's what I will call her - pressed softly against me, suckling my thumb as I rock her to sleep. She is mine forever. The clock chimes eleven pm and I know the time has come to complete my mission. I take one last look in the mirror assuring myself that victory is already mine. I step out the door and disappear into the night. Writer: Miss J

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