It's not easy to maintain a healthy and toxic free life, filled with happiness and self love. We are often consumed by the entirety of everything happening around us that we fail to see the need to filter what remains with us. Living a healthy life is a result of what we process daily and how we allow it to affect our being. If we accept positive vibes and positive energy, then we have started to clear the path to healthier living. The key to living a fulfilling life are embedded in doing these simple hacks listed in this post.  It might be difficult to follow everything as a whole because life itself can be painfully annoying which may push us right back to where we started. My advice is to take it slow, take it a step after another.  Do the ones we can at points where they are needed and keep the rest in mind for when the need arises. That way, we are unconsciously building a healthy living culture in our minds that will override all other toxic habits we may pick up. 1. Talk About Your Pain:  When your feelings get hurt by someone, please talk about it. Never go to bed with a heart filled with resentment. It will only grow overtime and fill you with more senseless rage. 2. Do Something That Excites You: Every time you get a chance to do what you love, go ahead and grab it with both hands. Never pass up an opportunity to be happy just for yourself. 3. Be Truthful: This is by far the hardest hack there is. Telling the truth is the greatest power one can ever possess but it is the deadliest because everyone is afraid of something. The fact is there is nothing else more freeing and liberating as the truth, no matter how difficult it looks. 4. Hang Out With That Friend: This is a tricky hack by the way. Hanging out with friends is not the regular meet on Friday night with a beer and beef kebab, laughing over football and gossip. No!  What I mean is, pick that person that enlightens you and knows who you really are (must not be your boyfriend or husband depending on the marriage though), go somewhere quiet, private and comfortable and just relax and talk. My lucky bet is you increase your lifespan by 25%. 5. Exercise As Little As You Can: Many of us find it difficult exercise while some do not see the need for it. Let me make this clear, you may not see the need now till you get older, then you would wish you have. Do the little you can from time to time, in any form it comes in especially dancing. There is nothing more energizing than a body well stretched. 6. Meditate As Often As You Can: It shouldn't be done only on new year's eve. It shouldn't be done when the world is crushing our bones to pieces. It shouldn't be done when we are bawling our eyes out. It should be done at the peak of every point in our lives. It should be done when we want to take a  meaningful step higher in anything we do. It should be done at significant points/moments in our lives. That way we keep our evaluation charts real and authentic. 7. Read As Little As Possible: Reading is not for everybody some say. LOL.  Fact is everybody reads. You just have to in order to gain experience and insight into what you seek. You may not be a bookworm like the gurus but you can try to help yourself to a good book or novel on any genres you want. Like I said read as little as you can, it helps. 8. Be The Better Person: It has never been easy to be the one who admits being wrong, or being the one with integrity or the person with a good heart. Most often we feel the brunt of it because a lot of people will despise you. Fun fact: you are giving your heart and soul a reason to live longer and stay healthier. Keep doing that. 9. Laugh Often: This life no balance, no be for who sabi wear heels. The problems of this world didn't start with you and it won't end with you. Everyone has got their fair share of life's problems therefore I urge you to keep smiling even when it looks bleak. Laugh often and smile for the world, those wrinkle won't stand a chance. 10. Create That Spiritual Connection With Your Father In Heaven:  Nothing, absolutely nothing is as important as being in tandem with your father through the son. He said in matt 6:33, "But ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and every other thing shall be added unto you" In the beginning of this post, I didn't say it would be easy to do. I said do as much as needed from time to time but have it all in your heart.. Begin your journey to a better life with these simple hack and I assure you of a better living. Link to file is available below

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