Fallible Affection: Celebration of Val's Day

Fallible Affection: Celebration of Val's Day By King David Dzirasah God created souls with the ambers of love. Imperfect souls haunted by love. Angels implant into the heart of mortals, Forbidden elixir of love. Love of imperfect souls, Flowing through the garden of mortals. Power of love destroys. The power of love heals. The heart wishes to hold in its grasp, Sceptre of the time traveller. Broken souls wish they had the power, To go back in time. Mending the shattered crystal. Restoring the heart shattered by the flames. A wish whispered into the wind. A soul touched by the fire of love, Sees the light beyond the heavenly curtain. Hordes of the five kingdoms, Wrench the light from the heavens. The stars vanish from the sky. Foreboding silence was all that was left. A dark wall erected, Protecting the heart from the flames of love. Time mends the shattered crystal. Heaven brings a new dawn. Angels work briskly for the sake of love, To create an impossible perfect soul. At midnight, Fairies sprinkled the dust of wish. Trees whispered into the wind. Turbulent streams murmured, The inevitability of a shattered crystal.

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