What I Learned from Living Alone

I have lived solo on and off over a handful of my adulthood years, and currently am the queen of my own fort. Living alone has allowed me to learn so much about myself, as well as the world I live in, which is why I believe everyone should live alone at least once in their lifetime. living alone gave me a sense of independence I never had prior. I was no longer the only child who needed my mom and dad to run to the rescue. I discovered that living alone allowed me to grow into a person I needed and wanted to become. That 's the beauty in living alone for a period of time, It feels like I give myself the space and room to grow. Thus, bellow are the things I learned from living alone almost 5 years. 1. Believe it or not ? Learn How to stand on my own feet. When I am living alone, I learn how to stand on my own feet with confidence. It alters my state of mind and I am no longer dependent on anyone else, financially or emotionally. This independence others can not only see it, but I feel it, and be inspired by it. 2. I take full responsibility for my life ; Solo living makes me the most accountable I 've ever been, and this is so important. In life it 's easy to push blame towards someone else, I know, I ' ve been there pointing fingers at anyone but myself. But when I live alone, there is no one to blame when the dishes are piling up , the laundry did not get done. To become accountable is truly liberating, because I learn to take responsibility for my life, and that is called power. And this newfound power will pour into not only my personal life, but it will contribute into my professional life too. 3. Figure out how to deal with that loneliness; Nah! It's okay to feel lonely. When I first felt lonely on my own, I began worry that It was a bad feeling, and I shouldn't feel so alone. The truth is , it's completely fine to feel this way. I'm a selective social person. so, when I'm alone for more than an afternoon. I feel like I want to chit chat with my only few friends . To combat any loneliness, I would often watch anime, read book or playing music instruments. These are the ways that I use to deal with my loneliness. So It is okay to feel lonely.

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