Having spent over three decades on this planet, I have come to several realizations. The chief being that 'LIFE IS DIFFICULT' and it is meant to be difficult. The earlier you realize this fact and learn to live with, the easier it gets to manage certain shocking events. Be ready to handle disappointments, because before this journey is over, you will be disappointed several times. Be ready to handle betrayals because you will be betrayed many times, and you might also betray others. Get ready to handle loss because, you will lose friends and loved ones, and I don't mean they will go missing or stop being your friends(those are also possibilities) but in this case, I mean they will die and you will weep for them. Be ready for heartbreaks because your heart will be broken, may be, more than once and you'll probably break some hearts yourself. Get ready for pleasant surprises because you will get quite a few. Get ready for joy and laughter because you will also have those in abundance. Get ready for opportunities because they will come and some only once, and you will regret it if you let them pass. So take life as it comes with your shock absorbers in place. Cry when the tears come, laugh the hardest when laughter presents itself. Love like it is your last day(it may very well be) and take as many pictures as you can. Tell and show your kids you love them at every opportunity. Kiss your spouse, talk to your family, tell your parents you appreciate them. Take that dance class, run that marathon, go on that hike, live ! just live!. Forgive that person who hurt you, that may be your only opportunity to do so, repair as much breaches as you can. For as difficult as life may be, numerous are the joys to be found and had there in, if only we can truly look.

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