A 2020 memoir

"2020 was a bad year" I think that statement hold true for most, others may even call it an understatement compared to the pain they endured during that year, thankfully in spite of all the tragedies that took place last year none of it ever touched me. none of my loved ones died because of COVID, I was already in a virtual school so the shutdown didn't affect me and as far as high school sports or other such extra curriculars I had none. But even though I wasn't directly affected by the many terrible events that happened last year I wasn't completely calm. because even though I wasn't directly hurt by those horrible events I was aware of them. My curious nature made sure that If even a single crumb of information was released whether it was about the pandemic, politics or social issues I had already read about it. This was a double edged sword for me because eve though it was generally a good thing to be knowledgeable every once in a while there would be an article that would make me angry or scared or both. Sometimes to cope I would write about those issues other times I tried to just laugh it off by making a joking about it, but no matter what I did to try to shake those feelings off they would still be there in the back of my mind and they stayed there for the most part growing stronger and stronger until the point when that feeling of anxiety hit me the hardest the 2020 election. Back during the 2016 election I stayed up almost all night waiting for the results, trump was against everything my family was and stood for so ofcourse I wanted him to lose, my prayers were not answered that night and when I found out he won I cried, I cried because I knew that with him as president the next four years weren't going to be the best for people of different colors or faiths or even nationalities and much to my disappointment my premonition of the years to come back then proved correct. Thats why I wanted this year to be different after four long years of trump I was ready to move on. I was anxious, more anxious than I had ever felt before and after no clear winner was shown on election night that anxiousness only got stronger. Whenever I prayed I prayed for bidens victory, the first thing I did when I got up in the morning was check the election map and then later on I'd check it again and again repeating this cycle day after day after day. The anxiety had consumed me until the day joe biden was projected to win the 2020 election finally I felt a wave of relief wash over me it wasn't like last time. Into 2021 we had things like vaccines starting to get to the public in larger amounts which helped to ease my mind over the pandemic even though it isn't over yet and not all of our problems are solved especially on the political side of things which honestly still scares me a bit. But even still I'm looking forward because even though 2020 was a very bad year that even had me dreading what comes next I can only move forward hoping that one day we'll end this pandemic and put our dangerous issues to rest so that we can one day find a sense of peace and normalcy. A day where we can sit back during a hot summer day in the shade and feel cool breeze without worrying about the problem of the world we live in, that's the perfect day im looking forward to and Ican only hope that you my dear reader will find that beautiful summer as well thank you for reading

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