The Mystery of Death

“Today there are 60 more death cases and more than 1000 infected by Covid-19. There is also a shocking report of 10 people also fleeing from a hospital isolation ward, putting everyone at even greater risk. The number of infected numbers is rising every day, people's lack of awareness is considered to be the main culprit. The opposite party is questioning the government's measures to prevent the spreading of this global pandemic…..” The ear-blasting sound from TV broke Sofia's concentration who was trying very hard to complete her school project which is due tomorrow. “Do you want me to break the TV or what? Lower the volume, will you?” Sofia bellowed, irritation drowning her words. “I was just watching the updates, no need to lose voice with all that screaming, also making me deaf.” sassed her little brother from the living room. “Yeah, then watch it without fucking up with others” "This Corona is really messing with people's lives" Sofia muttered under her breath, concentrating back on her project. Corona is trying very hard to lock everyone up in their own personal jail. Trying to stop life in its tracks. But one can ever change a river's course just by throwing a rock on it, no matter how big. Like that it is impossible to put life on hold just because of some pandemic, especially in third world countries. Fortunately, the situation is not that severe in Sofia's locality. Sofia gave up on her project when the phone started ringing, the sound again breaking her focus just after the TV incident; she really has a short attention span. Looks like the universe doesn't want her to do it, so who is she to defy the universe. Giving up on her work she came to the kitchen to look for some snacks, she found her mother was on the phone with a gloomy look on her face there. “What is it, Mom?” asked Sofia worried when her mother put down the phone. “It was your uncle Hanif, Your aunt Nasima has been admitted into ICU, she is infected by Covid-19” Sofia is shell-shocked. Nasima is her paternal aunt; she has always been close with her, always looking up to her. She really can't believe her aunt is infected! It may sound weird but it's really hard for her to accept. Her aunt is a fitness freak and has always been as healthy as a horse. She is also very young, only in her late 20s. In fact, a few days ago she paid a visit to them. She seemed absolutely fine then how come she contracted this virus and her condition worsened so suddenly! Sofia couldn't wrap her head around this. There has to be some mistake! Dark clouds swamped Sofia's house, stealing every bit of rays of sunshine for the last few days. Tension is ever-present in the house like they are all put in a purgatory waiting for judgment. Her aunt's condition has worsened further, the doctors have given up hope and asked to be prepared for anything. Her dad is in constant a state of grief, even more so because he couldn't even see his sister for the last time as the lockdown was announced. Her mom is trying her best to console him. But honestly, how can you even console such a person! In all this Sofia is in a daze, everything is surreal to her. Only a few days ago everything was fine, how fast time changes no one can say! “Seeing is believing, but the feeling is the truth,” Tomas Fuller said. Only now Sofia understood its full meaning. Just seeing and experiencing, there is a whole level of difference. She saw people die on TV, even sympathized with them but never truly did she experience the devastation of a dying cause. Death, such a mystery! A person's past, present, future all lost in its claw. Death, the only sure thing in life yet we don't pay it much heed, too busy thinking about tomorrow, a tomorrow that we don't know if that will ever come! We plan our future but one touch from death smashes it in such a way that nothing is left. One would give up everything to escape death. Sofia really wants to understand this mystery, this Death.

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