It's Okay to be Normal

I always wanted to be Special Riding on high horse of Ideal Looking down on those Who I thought normal I despise them Those giggling little fools They so ignorant Not knowing they're just mere tool In world's large scheme They don't even have any meaningful dream But I am different I am brave I don't cower in front of danger grave All those praises that I crave I can have them by only being brave If I become superior to all I will sure reach my goal Never knew, my dreams were of glass Just a mere touch Shattered to extent such Now my life is abysmal Standing on the precipice of death Eyes full of regret I wonder why again I wanted to be Special What was wrong with being Normal? Now that my life is coming to an End Only did I begun to understand I was just afraid Afraid of being ignored Deep down I was just insecure Trying to act always so cool Who was I trying to fool? The only Fool was me no one else Trying to be special I forgot to be me I was jealous of them being carefree When all I did was just worry Spreading wings in blue sky With my own Dream Never did I Fly I understood it a little too late There is no point now in regret This path is the one I have chosen So I got no room for complain At the end the moral It's okay to be normal Just be yourself.

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