Turn your cant´s into cans!

Dreams are important, because without dreams we had no goal to reach, no ambition to chase. We would be nothing without our dreams. Everyone has dreams, big ones or small ones. How often do you aspire or dream? What do you dream of? Why do so many people struggle to act upon their dreams? Is it the insecurity in their abilities or the fear of failure? But failure doesn't play any part in dreaming. Its not the dream, its the dreamer that instils failure. I have heard of dreamers, who failed many times but didn't give up until they experienced success. The huge difference is that failure wasn't going to end their dream, it only motivated them to work harder and dream bigger. You should follow your dreams, because your dream is the purpose in life you are trying to seek. The problem is, when you dream its followed with a list of reasons why you cant achieve it. Its full with „I cant`s and excuses to convince yourself you cant. A lot of popular companies were once a dream and started at the bottom in a garage or in a basement. They kept working and now the whole world knows about them and they make billions per year. So why not you? Why not your dream? You give up before even trying and that is just betraying yourself. Why not dream? Don't let yourself or anyone limit you, because the only limits are those you create or those you allow others to impose upon you. I know, dreaming is the easy part, acting on it is the harder one. Make yourself clear, that a dream is a journey and cant happen within one day. It takes commitment, time, courage and determination. But if you once realized that its only a few steps more you are going to be successful. How do I know that it is possible? Because I have done it. My life bored me and I wanted to step out, I was going to follow my dream, so I know what anybody is going through, but you just have to find the power for your first step. I was unhappy and wanted to live my dream. Walt Disney`s quote „If you can dream it you can do it“ helped me through some phases when I was close to giving up. I decided that neither I was no longer the person standing in the way of my dreams nor anyone else. I received many skeptic and I believe that it was, because I had stepped out of my comfort-zone and they feared that and questioned whether I would be successful or not, because of my decisions. I didn't care back then and I don't care now, because its my life, my dreams, my success and simply my business. Following my dreams hasn't always been easy, and you cant expect everything to get done easily but the hard work paid off and its an amazing feeling to look back to what I have done and it was totally worth it. I want to encourage all of you to chase your dreams. Do not be afraid to dream, because in a world full of hate and skeptics you can create a little light with your dream. It may change the world in a little way. But change is change! Believe in your dreams and your ability to accomplish them. Keep your dreams in front of you and never forget that if you can dream it you can do it! If you needed a sign to start with whatever you have been procrastinating for a long time, that's it. Start now! You need to work hard for your dreams, without this, a dream will only remain a desire and will never be achieved. Dreams are the fuel that keep pushing you to go further, its a constant and never ending progress to improve yourself. Even if you fail the first or second time it will help you to create a personality and you will learn from the mistakes you have made. Another positive effect on chasing your dreams is that they distract you from other bad things in life. The drama you always worried about gets upstaged because if you are passionate about something you will focus on that. And don't you dare say that you're „too old“ to dream! Age means nothing when you know what you want, so go out there inspire people and make stories to tell your kids or grand-kids!

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