The Girl with the Lavender Umbrella

She had long black hair, pale white skin, and a dark outfit. Her lips shone a striking red and her handbag was white, but perhaps the most distinguishing feature was her lavender umbrella. It didn't really seem to fit her vibe but love makes a man colorblind and I was definitely in love at first sight. My cousin whispered, "That girl's pretty cute," pointing towards the bus stop. I quickly stole a glance towards her but chose to ignore him, trying not to creep out a random girl at a bus stop. From the quick glance, she did seem quite pretty though. As I waited for the 761 bus to arrive I was tempted to steal another look. Maybe I was missing out or something, but I ultimately decided against it and continued to stare down the street for the bus. The sky was grey and hinted at rain, but luckily the bus came fairly quickly. To my surprise, the lavender umbrella girl got on as well, with a female friend. She sat in a double seater with her friend and quickly looked down towards her phone. I looked at her as I checked onto the bus and headed to a seat, but her head was down, so I couldn't see much but her dark hair with small curls. My cousin being the mastermind he is, chose to sit in the double seater right next to lavender girl and her friend. I sighed in disbelief but began laughing as I realized how amusing the situation was. Being the hopeless romantic I am, I thought wow maybe we're bound by fate! I asked my cousin how many bus lines arrived at that station and she said two. So maybe fate really was trying to bring us together, or maybe it was just a fifty fifty. I like to think it was fate. I'd like to tell you that I spoke to her. That I made her laugh or asked her to show me around Seoul while I was there visiting. I'd love to tell you I enjoyed three weeks with a stranger in a foreign country and we somehow had amazing chemistry. But that would be lying. I spent the bus ride looking at my phone and so did she. I occasionally talked to my cousin and she occasionally talked to her friend. I casually looked over in her direction but her friend was in the way. After sxi stops I saw her friend shake her arm and press the Stop Request button. "Time to go, I think we're late." the friend said in Korean, standing up. The back door opened and the friend quickly ran out. The lavender umbrella girl stood up to follow but seemed to be taking her time leaving. I didn't want to get caught staring so I didn't turn towards her immediately, but when I finally gave in I noticed her lavender umbrella had gotten stuck on the bus seat. This is my chance. The final sliver of romance I could salvage from this situation. I quickly stood up and helped her free the lavender umbrella from the bus seat, feeling like her knight in shining armor. Perhaps this is where the knight asks the princess for her hand in marriage but for me it was something less romantic, but maybe a bit more special. . She looked at me and for the first time I got a clear view of her face. She had gorgeous eyes, and smiled the widest smile I'd seen so far in my trip. Her red lips shined and her white teeth were perfect. She slightly bowed her head and said 'Gamsahamneda,' which means thank you in Korean, before scurrying off the bus to catch up with her friend. Maybe I'm looking too deep into it. Maybe I'm a creep or just a hopeless romantic. Maybe I'm just horny. But look at how much that one encounter made me write. I like to think If something makes you write so much it couldn't have been that bad for you at all. So, lavender umbrella girl, Gamsahamneda to you too, for making an average day into something a bit more unique.


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