Miracles are happening

Greetings from Uzbekistan. Although, over the past year, there have been many events that I would like to share with you, I decided to focus on only one. I want to tell you how I helped the girl in the fight against death. Interestingly, I have never seen this girl in real life. A year ago, I met her on the Telegram platform. A few days later, she said that she was seriously ill. Doctors are confident that the disease will end in death. I like talking to girls. However, this girl is 6 years older than me and was diagnosed with death. I could just erase the chat with her and get on with my life. But in reality, everything turned out differently. I read The Ten Secrets of Abundant Health by British writer Adam Jackson. This book is about people who have recovered from incurable diseases. And, as the name suggests, the book contains a 10-part set of rules for achieving health. I loved this book so much that I always recommended it to my mom. I also told her about this book. I convinced her that any disease can be cured, and of course I believed too. I have made an audio version of this book. And gradually she learned the Secrets of Health through my voice. A few days later, she began to abide by these rules. After a few weeks, she gave up all the medications she needed. Polyarthritis made it difficult for her to move, sometimes even with her fingers and neck. Almost a year after we met, she started doing housework like normal people. “I fed the chickens myself,” “I cleaned the house today,” she said. Yes, it can be easy for us. But for her it was a great result. I shared her joy. The mother, who followed the changes in her daughter also began to support her. There are many people today who believe that she will be OK. She wants to continue her studies and become an artist when she will be fully and successfully recovered. Trust me, it will happen. And I want to share the secrets of Abundant Health with more and more people in the future. And you will definitely read this book by Adam Jackson.

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