I know time flies... But never realized the speed it could travel,until today. It was one regular day until my phone rang an anonymous number. After ten minutes of conversation, I realized the speed the time could travel. Yesssss!!!!!!! It's been 20 full years of systemic running. In these 1,75,200 hours, I have never spent an hour for myself and my memories. "EVERY END IS A NEW BEGINNING"... This 1,75,201th hour is such a beginning. I close my eyes to screen the flashback of ten years old me. The clock began to tick...... On my white screen.... All I could see is green... The greens that ICBN are unaware of. Amidst the greens , there are rare homes with flushing human(s)ity... On this big green "flashback screen", I know what my heart is searching for. Even with eyes closed, I could feel my eyeballs popping right and left in a longing to see her.... With roaming eyes and heart, I finally found her.... There she is.... Just.... Just 100 meters away from my touch... Not met for 20 years it makes me to feel the distant exaggerated as 100 kms. The truth that I regret the most is that I haven't even had a single thought of her in all these years. And now, my long wait came to an end. I ran shouting "ALMAAAAAA....." That I crossed 100 metres in just two laps. With heart full of love I tried to hug the bark of her body that I was not able to cover with my little hands when I was ten years old. All of a sudden with huge noise, my "flashback screen" began to tear as if it splits my Almaa into two halves. Her leaves began to fly in the air as if they had no destination. That was when my eyes opened and discovered the huge noise to be the ticking sound of my clock that ticked the 1,75,202th hour. It reminded me of the anonymous ten minutes conversation I had an hour ago.. That call had let me know the worst cyclone that hit my home(heaven) town... It was too evil that my Alma bid a goodbye.. But now... I know I will never visit my Alma again. I don't want to see her lying down like a coward. Whenever I switch on my "flashback screen", all I want to see is "MY MIGHTY GORGEOUS ALMAA WITH HER EXTENDED HANDS FULL OF GREENS - A HOME OF THOUSAND CHIRPING BIRDS"..... Once again I know time flies... Nevertheless this 1,75,201th hour is the time to which MY HEART BELONGS TO!!... Now I return to my systemic days as before again.... With my fingers crossed hoping for another hour to switch on my "FLASHBACK SCREEN"


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