Soul of friend's girlfriend

It was mid-summer of 1999. I was going to shift to Mumbai with my family. I had to say goodbye to that city of mine; the Iron-city of India ‘Jamshedpur', where I had spent my childhood and had grown young. I was going to miss my companions and those places where I used to roam around with them. Also my friends were sorrowful, and one of them was my best friend Amit Rauth, an Oriya guy, who was quite more upset than others. Now who would reply his beloved's love-letters? His Hindi was poor while his beloved's Hindi was fantastic despite that she belonged to South India and her Mother tongue was Tamil. A few months before Amit had visited his sister's in-law's house in Madinipur, a District of West Bengal State. There he happened to meet Madhumita, a South Indian maiden who lived in the same locality there. Both felt unexplained closeness for each other. Perhaps it was love. My friend was hesitant. But brave and broad-minded Madhumita proposed him and both became lovers in veil of friendship. (In India still in most places love is a prohibited thing and falling in love is kept a secret from family and society.) When after a few days Amit was returning from Medinipur, Madhumita took promise from him that he would reply her letters. Amit told me about his love story. And after a week he came to me with a love-letter in his hand. He was joyous but sweating too. It was letter from Madhumita for him. The letter was written in Hindi language. Selection of words was excellent. The language was overflowing with meaning and deep emotion. I came to know that Madhumita was a thoughtful girl. Amit was unable to reply Madhumita's letter in the same manner in which Madhumita had expressed her feelings. So he asked me to reply her letter in his name. I read that letter, connected myself with the feelings expressed in the letter and created my feelings and wrote down the reply. Simply, Madhumita had taken that letter as Amit's letter and she replied back to Amit. But in fact it was her reply to me. I again wrote letter to her and this consecutiveness took place for months. Madhumita would have understanding that she was in contact with Amit. But in fact her and mine hearts were unfolding to each other. And then I shifted to Mumbai. Now Amit used to send Madhumita's letter to me. I used to write the reply and send to him. He then used to send the letter to Madhumita with his name and address. One day I was feeling badly sad apparently for no reason. I was feeling to weep despite knowing no reason for it. I wept in my room and in the bathroom. I was hiding my tears from others. After some days I went back to Jamshedpur to meet my friends. There I got worried to see Amit's grief-stricken face. He told me that a few days back he got the news from his sister about sudden death of Madhumita. Madhumita suffered from sudden severe stomachache and she couldn't survive even an hour. She was remembering Amit on her last breathings. She wanted to see him. I was shocked to hear this painful news. I felt the same deep sorrow like Amit was suffering. Now I realized that this was the reason behind my feeling of unknown pain that day in Mumbai. My inner-sense had known about her death or she had known about me after leaving her body and might had come to me. Whatever; I was feeling lifeless. I returned to my room. That night in my half-waken sleep and half-waken dream, suddenly I felt weightlessness. A strange beautiful girl whose colour was unfair and skin was glowing, came in my dream. Her presence was not unfamiliar at all. She took my hand in her hand with love and flown off holding my hand and took me on a high branch of a tree in an unknown place. In my dream, I was realizing that she was a ghost. But yet I had no feeling of fear. I was totally fearless and I was feeling oneness with her. She poured a lot of love on me through her silent presence. When I woke up in the morning, I was feeling deeply contented and light. The face of that ghost girl was still afresh in my inner sight. I had never met that girl. I had never seen that face. She was about 16 years old slim girl. She had little less-fair color. I met Amit the same day. I asked to him about look of Madhumita. He showed me the picture of Madhumita which her sister had sent to him. I felt that the ocean of love was overpowering my heart. Madhumita had come in my dream last night! After death she might had known about the secret replier of her love-letters and had come to meet me. I prayed for the peace of Madhumita's soul. Later I found that as a writer and poet my writing skill had become brighter. Perhaps it was blessings of Madhumita. [This story is from my eBook Good, Evil & Supernatural available on Amazon, Apple, Scribd, Smashwords, Google Playbook, kobo, Barnesandnoble etc]

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