Prophetic Quattrain's For the Eagle Nation

The eagle will be slaughtered by the dragon and the Bear. Many Waters will join them. They will be called a coalition. Joint military exercises. An overwhelming show of force. The Eagle is busy fighting amongst her self on the brink of civil war. A famine is coming in the land of plenty. While the golden dome is destroyed in the land of Milk and honey. Prices rise. Finances on the brink of economic collapse. “But do not touch the Oil or the wine!” says the scriptures. The Black horse is galloping at a rapid pace. Natural disasters will drive her to her knees. Pestilence! Fires, earthquakes, floods, Tsunami's….all manner of suffering she will endure. The Birth pangs of the apocalypse. Many will cry for mercy, but it will be too late! For those that believe? Research the book of Ezekiel and the apocalyptic writings of the latter testament. For those that do not believe? Consult the Oracle (…because of my faith, I am forbidden to do so!) The city on the other side of the land. Which used to take refugees from other lands. Where a Blatant symbol of Ishtar sits in her harbor. This symbol holds a torch in her hand. Never has there been a more blatant symbol of wickedness and idolatry! If you knew what she really represented? You would become nauseous and might vomit. She is an ancient roman and Babylonian symbol of Ishtar, and she is the mother of all Harlots!! This is why judgement and punishment will come to the land that sits on many waters! This is why chastisement will come to the waters that drink the cup of her maddening wine! This is why chastisement and punishment will come! A twofold/Tenfold Recompense for her wickedness, sins, and Iniquity. Submarines from the land of Magog with a strange language written on the side. Is that a symbol of the sickle and the hammer? Are those tanks with oriental writing on it? On our homeland? Surely you jest. The scoffers laugh in disbelief….until the hour of the judgment and wrath. Two bears will come together and lay waste to the land of the eagle. This is not some fairytale….this is fact! They didn't believe Noah in his day either, until it started raining and did not cease! Boom! Explosions of terror! People running in panic. Food becoming scarce. Babies and toddlers wailing because of hunger. Look! Foreign soldiers on the horizon! Soldiers from the North and soldiers from the land of the dragon will invade the land. They will unsheathe their bayonets and kill the elderly. They will kill women and children without mercy. They will be stone faced and have a lack of expression on their face. The panda bear may look cute and cuddly on the surface, brethren, but he has a countenance of the dragon deep within him! Look! There's a chained bear at the Northern border! He's very aggressive and angry! He's very angry and he's growling with a ferocious intensity! Wow! He is “honery” as the older country folks might say. The bear is growling in a strange language and he has a medallion around its neck. A red medallion with a hammer and sickle as its symbol. There is another bear behind it. A white and black colored bear, and its calmly eating bamboo. The black and white bear is also eating Soybeans ,wheat, and Barley. It's gorging himself in gluttony with food from the land of the eagle. Two bears will invade the land of the eagle. I shall say it no more. Are we in the era of the Trumpet? How long will it last? 2,4, or 8 years? Scripture says: In the latter days I will pour out my spirit on all. Your sons and daughters will prophesy. Your young men will see visions and your old men will have dreams. (Acts 2:17, joel 2;28- Cross-reference). The spirit of truth will be poured out freely among the land. The desolation and destruction of Babylon and the mother of all harlots is close at hand. The Statue that sits in the harbor will fall to her knees. She WILL drink the cup of bitter dregs! She WiLL drink the bitter of cup of her sins and abominations! She will drink the sword of her enemies! Look!....She's gasping for breath! Look! She has a sickly and nauseous look upon her face! She's swaying and back and forth like a drunkard. She has a deathly and sickly look upon her face. This look replaces the once arrogant and proud look she once had. She's gasping for breath! She's choking and wheezing! She tries to get back up on her feet, but she stumbles and falls. This is her recompense for her abominations! She has forced other nations to drink her maddening wine!! ! Your (our) sins have piled up so high it reaches the heavens! These are perilous times. The judgment of the Nation that sits on many waters is close hand. Her punishment and judgment is close at hand!

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