Butterflies in the breeze

Covid-19 has been born.... The Pandemic has killed more than millions to even count.... A virus born to kill.... And never seems to yield.... The media makes a big deal out of the new virus that's sweeping through the world like wildfire. It reminds me of Robert Frost, saying something like "The news is where you find it." - and by this saying I mean things in life are not always as they seem. For example, butterflies are seemingly delicate and fragile, yet they go through a pretty tortuous, matted metamorphosis from being caterpillars to becoming butterflies. And just like how hard it is for them to be reborn as another species; sometimes we all need extra motivation to make changes in our lives which may seem difficult at the time but end up leading us to better places before we know it. I mean, it still does take a lot of getting used to but come on, I bet even when this whole nightmare was over, people will definitely have a hard time not putting on their masks and keeping their distance. It's like this has become our new "normal life"... If you had asked me a year before this global pandemic: that the whole world would deal with the same fear, isolation and the uncertainty of what their next day was going to bring, and you don't even known if you were going to make it to the next day alive and healthy. I might have laughed out pearls of tears, saying that's impossible, and was just as unlikely as going to Jupiter and having a picnic party with aliens shaped like cotton candy and eat with their nose! But I was so wrong... When life decides to play its games, no one and I mean not a single soul out there can stop it. We can prevent it -- but there are costs to them. In the morning, I wake up feeling like a robot programmed to perform the same tasks. It's like we're prisoners, but instead of walls and jail railings it's buildings and cars encircling us on all sides. We're caged in our homes for our own protection. The hours of sunlight were controlled to give us just enough light but never in combination with daytime or nighttime so as not to confuse or unsettle us during this time of transition. I felt that the animals in captivity at the zoo must feel similarly cramped and confused. My anxiety increased every day until I started demanding my rights and they let me out into a world that was foreign to me where everything appeared new and only a few people walked around resembling zombies looking rather bewildered as I did, unable to process how abruptly our lives had changed... ​ It starts to feel like you are in a different planet where danger lurks every corner of the surface. Even if it's the size of Mount Everest or as small as a bacteria. Our world will never truly be safe from harms hands, but if we try to be good people, perhaps our world would at-least be kinder and more considerate about how others would feel and be impacted. And this year going to in-person school again was more than I could handle. Everyone's faces were decorated with masks, which locked away our expressions and emotions. Those who I had considered friends now don't even seem to recognize me. It felt really upsetting when I saw someone familiar on my first day back, and a smile would warm my face underneath my protective shield. I would wave and call their name, but in return I only got a sharp glance and the cold shoulder. And I felt broken... Anyway apart from school-- My family and I had been debating about getting the vaccine for months. We have gotten it last month but it was being of being pressured not of choice. We think the vaccine might have been the 'so-called hero' but in reality it had always been that little spark in everyone's heart. The one that told us we won't give up, and if we fall, we will rise once more and give it all we got. The hope and love and compassion has helped us to overcome this strenuous past months that led up to a year. But still hatred and violence flourishes, and the media often adding fuel to them. If we can't work together even when we had each other. How will we ever overcome this wave of disaster? They say count the blessings not the curses. We have all learned a new thing, and some a lot. One can find inspiration from the natural world. Like I had mentioned before, just as a caterpillar must go through metamorphosis to become a butterfly or a butterfly must go through metamorphosis to become a chrysalis, we all have to undergo our own individual transformations in order to mature. As much as there are challenges awaiting in this process and things that may happen unexpectedly along the way, everything is worth it if you emerge with strength, confidence and wisdom. We must fly high like a butterfly and dream about big goals, spreading joy and happiness and just try to show someone you care about them and they aren't alone. And when the time is right, the breeze will pick you up and take you to the skies...

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