Can't Hold Your Hand

I only saw what I hoped to fix Never meant to lead you on Only wanted you as a friend You went overboard in your Dreams for me. I swear I never meant to hurt you I just wanted to keep you from falling Giving you my hand to help you You only took my time throwing it away Thinking, I would be yours. I am not yours, I never was Can't stay on your highway Let me breathe, please Taking a new road away from you Sorry, can't hold your hand no more. I can see you are angry with how this went Your words of hate took a toll on me You didn't get what you wanted I am only a falling star in your eyes Just the dirt that falls on your shoulder at night. Go ahead brush me right off While you move on to another Who believes your sad tone lies, You take words of innocence To just twist them to fit you. Your words beat me black and blue It is okay because I am still standing You can't twist me to fall for you I won't be broken as you So, tell me how does it feel? Standing there alone in the dark It is only your fault that you built it Cause I will never hold your hand Anymore as you fall so hard.


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