Where I'm From

I am from tangled jump ropes and made-up, kindergarten games. From playing on the playground refusing to touch the ground, imagining ourselves burning in the pretend flames. I am from running up and down the stairs of the tiny Condo with the coolest neighbors in town. And a scarce amount of T.V because we never watched it anyway. I am from Friday night horror movies, taking embarrassing pictures, and unintentionally pissing people off. And from sleeping in to wake up each holiday with a perfect, mouth- watering breakfast cooking in the kitchen. I am from a mother with a love for the beach and the hatred for a messy room: a hardworking, determined, unbreakable yet struggling single parent. From the kind of lady the gets up on a table and dances at the age of 80 and continues to play cruel, heart-attack worthy, pranks on her husband at 90….and from the kind of man that lets her. The most honorable, die-hard examples in my life. And from scones and tacos every Sunday after practically having a family reunion at church. Gathering all the cousins, aunts, uncles, and distant cousins for the biggest breakfast ever. And an abandoned, fat, but lovable, dog with the most lovable personality. And from staying at local hotels during breaks with friends to get the feeling of what vacation is like. I am from potty mouths, oxygen droughts, and extremely violent ways of murder. I am from pioneers that settled my town with dedication and hard work. And from being bred as a Broncos lover since the day I was born, and forming my own opinion that there's no reason to change that. From putting on shows for my family just to prove that I had the potential to be the actress I always wanted to be. I am from the best friends in the world and the knowledge that nothing is as bad as it seems And from getting shot at while exploring with my friends, then falling into ditches trying to run away. I am from realizing I love the sport of basketball more than anything else, and never wanting anything more. I am from those chilling, joyful moments of loving life simply because I'm here and life is good.

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