Every cloud has a silver lining

I wanted to share my true story with you which happened during the pandemic. With the fast spread of COVID-19 all over the world, everywhere was shut down. All people were quarantined at their homes. And also there were many students and other workers who couldn't go to their country. So we stayed at our dormitories for more than a year. We were not allowed to go out. The whole city was surrounded by a terrible silence. The streets looked like places abandoned by people. There was no action or sound. Our whole world was filled with deep grief and great sorrow when we heard bad news and events which were going on in the world. The worst was that we were afraid of losing the people who were very close and dear to us. We were away from them and missed so much. We had no choice, but just sit down and pray to God for them. So the situation was becoming increasingly worse everywhere. Hours, days and weeks passed with anxiety and stress. Suddenly that fear of us turned into a bitter reality. We began to hear bad news regularly. Some of the students mourned for their fathers' death who were the heroes of their life. Some of them were very grief-stricken at their mothers' death who were regarded as the meaning of their whole lives. Other ones expressed their sorrow for the death of their relatives, siblings and others. The saddest thing was that those students couldn't be with them at tough times and even they had not been able to say farewell by sending them on their final journey. I realized that it was the most difficult situation for people to cope with it when they lost people who were dear to them. But there were only things we could do that we shared their sorrow and sympathized their feelings. Also there is a proverb that grief divided is made lighter. COVID-19 brought a big misfortune to many people all around the world. At that time there were many people who were fighting against the death in hospitals, Many of them did it so at their homes. Some of the sick people already confessed that they had lost by closing their eyes and said goodbye to their families. Doctors did everything they could day and night for ill people in order to save their lives. With the Coronovirus reigning all over the world , the situation were lasting like this… My brother used to be a very stubborn and careless man in the past. He didn't care about anyone and didn't work either although he was 35. Suddenly he caught Covid and his life was at risk. He was administered to a hospital and stayed there for 40 days. Only after being sick and seeing other sick people, my brother changed the way he lives and his attitude towards people. His days in hospital have taught him that life is a precious gift. Once you lose it, you can never get it back. Covid-19 was difficult time for all; from children to elders. Because it didn't take away only our daily work and school routines but also it took so many things, so many people and it delayed our goals and achievements for more than a year. Anyway, over the time, vaccine was invented against this virus. And people around the world have no longer suffered from it. There have already been a chance to return their previous lives and to continue the path to set their goals. Those ordeals have taught us the best lessons of life; to respect and support each-other, love and appreciate all we have. Of course, it is life . It has its ups and downs. So sometimes there's a sadness on the path of our journey. But we must not forget that after every stormy night comes a sunny day. We need to be patient in order to overcome obstacles and difficulties we need to be confronted with in our real life. We should take advantage of those days !

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