Life during Covid-19 and how it changed my life

The COVID-19 pandemic, also known as the coronavirus pandemic is a global coronavirus disease . The new virus was firstly identified in the Chinese city of Wuhan in December 2019. A lockdown in Wuhan and other towns in the neighboring Hubei province failed to contain the epidemic, which soon spread across mainland China and around the world. In this essay I will describe how life was in pandemic and how it changed my life. In December 2019 I was preparing for IELTS. One day when I went to the tutor, my friend was in panic and told about the virus which spread in China while others took it like a joke. Initially, coronavirus did not really catch my attention too. A late night in March we were notified by the news channel that schools would be closed until a later date. My teacher also called and said about the situation. Everything began to change all of a sudden, and the anxiety escalated. I couldn't stop thinking about the worst-case circumstance. What if my parents, grandmother, or relatives were to suffer and die? Nothing was open, the stores were closed. We were now officially quarantined. Everything seemed like a nightmare from which I could not wake up. Our house is in the village, so, that time we lived in the flat because of our studies. We had our personal business, none of my parents work in governmental organizations. My parents could not work due to quarantine and we encountered with financial crisis. Even we evicted from apartment because of the rent. We could not go to our village, because there was a ban in case of quarantine. We were in depression, that time my grandmother called us and invited us to live with them. Their house was in the city and we decided to live there for a while. After that we stopped daunting and started to be positive. Living with relatives we were the opportunity to strengthen relationships with them, we were like a big community. We had dinners around a table with relatives everyday, played outdoor games together which was the most memorable from the pandemic. It is true that our financial situation was bad, but we were not ungrateful, we were thankful for our health, nobody suffered from virus. After quarantine softening step by step, we moved to our house in village. Situation was not as terrible as beginning. My parents started to work and we continued our studies online, but virus was not disappeared. One day I came from walking with my sister and after a day I felt symptoms of coronavirus. After that we called the doctor and he said to do quarantine in home and not to go out. Unfortunately, my family was also infected from this virus. I was worried more from my family than myself. Life was really stressful that time, as our health deteriorates I started to think about my future plans. I thought that I cannot fight against this virus and my dreams will not come true. I had feelings that people who suffered from illness and died. I felt loneliness, depression and of course pain. With a great pleasure I can say that we defeated the virus and recovered. By this time we learned not to be pessimist and should always try hard to live in this perfect life. To conclude, coronavirus continues to spread around the world. But now people learnt to fight against that virus and prevent themselves from Covid-19 without any fear. Every situation that happens in our life is like an experiment for us. We learnt to unite and support each other in the difficult conditions.


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