The end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020 ... This period has confused the people of the world. It can be said that we have held a ceremony to introduce the disease, which is unknown to the whole world. Of course, it was a very sad and disgusting ceremony. But unfortunately, we were stunned for a while and kept ourselves between four walls as if we had fallen into a well. We have announced the name of this conservation as "quarantine". And I interpreted quarantine in such a way that it was as if we understood well the difference between good and evil, truth and falsehood, joy and unhappiness. True, during the quarantine period, we may be financially distressed. The saddest thing is that many people have lost their loved ones, children or parents because of this virus. But I can gladly say that quarantine has started a new life in many families. They regained their identity, returned to their family. I know vivid examples of what I said. A close friend of mine used to complain about her husband. She was very upset that her husband was rude, irresponsible and a womanizer. During the quarantine period, my friend's husband realized what a family is, masculinity and fatherly responsibilities. In quarantine, he realized how beautiful and cook his wife was, that her children were her true happiness. Even he changed his religion: he began to pray five times as fasted as Allah and fasted in Ramadan. It was the first step to great success for my friend's family. Because my friend's husband knew that after his parents died of the coronavirus, it was God's punishment for the sins I had committed before, and he brought himself up for that. This motivated me to find the positive aspects of quarantine. I also want to share about the spiritual changes I have had. In August 2021, I was diagnosed with coronavirus. The illness initially passed with a three-day fever, and I was very troubled by all the fat burning. From the fourth day of the illness, I started to have coughing and shortness of breath. You know, now that I'm writing this, I'm crying remembering my situation. There is a Uzbek proverb: "A doctor is not a doctor, real doctor is a experienced doctor". I was worried that my 6 year old daughter and 1 month old baby son could now be left without a mother. I even bequeathed to my husband, "Be pleased with me, take care of our children, do not humiliate them in the hands of a stepmother." Do you know what I thought every time I took a breath? Only a person in this situation can feel it. As I sighed, I realized how precious and precious the only breath I took that I didn't care about was precious to me. God has given us a free breath, and we are not worth it. Even though God had given me so many blessings, I rebuked myself that I was not thankful to Him. I struggled with shortness of breath for a week. Anyway, my husband is a doctor. He did everything he could for me. Yes, another miracle. It was at that moment that I first felt deeply my husband's strong love for me. My husband is rude by nature. He doesn't know romance. I would be more upset than that. But when I was sick, he told me how much he loved me. I am grateful to my husband for this for the rest of my life. The shortness of breath lasted 6-7 days and I started to recover. But the next symptoms began to appear in me: the sense of taste and smell left me. It was awful. Imagine if you ate a dessert that looked beautiful to your eyes and you couldn't feel its taste. I would be like a tasteless stone chew every time I ate it. Even though I tried to smell the perfume that my husband had given me, I could not feel how it smelled. I couldn't even smell my 1-month-old baby. When we sniffed or ate something, we didn't know that this feeling was a great blessing for us. I realized this after I lost my sense of taste and smell. It is said, "The water that flows before you is worthless." Quarantine has taught me to appreciate the water in front of me as well, to feel the love of the people around me. I re-educated myself. Tell me, can you count how many times you breathe in a day? You definitely say no. Of course, I don't know that either. But a suffocating patient can count it. Because for him, every breath is a trophy, a great happiness. Quarantine has taught us to appreciate what we have in this way. And we need to remember what we have learned for a lifetime I'm very happy now! Because I have shared with you the blessings that I consider happiness. Maybe this essay isn't among the winners, maybe the words are few, maybe there are some mistakes, maybe the overall content is flawed, but I still feel like a winner anyway. The reason is that I believe that through some of my words I have had a positive effect on someone's psyche. It is a great happiness to feel that the positive change in my spirituality has taken place in the mind of another person in the world. And I will continue to live in that positive spirit. Sincerely, your new unknown acquaintant Zuhra :)


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