Can You See It?

Revenge. Desire. Justice. Anger. Peace. War. Love. Freedom. Turmoil. Frustration. Positivity. We have all felt these things during some part of our lives. All of us have yearned for something more than what we have during one phase or another in our journey through life. And, sadly, this allows the encouragement for our mentality to slip into the trap of the world of comparison. Whether we have been hurt by the ones we love, faced with unfair trials, thrown into situations with traumatizing outcomes, or have risen to fight for what we believe in to take a stand. We have all been there. I see it. I feel it. I know it. I have been there too. There was a time in my life where someone I love betrayed me, which caused me to feel a new pain that I had yet to endure. Leaving my heart writhing in anguish and unleashing despair to run erratically through my mind. Blinded by my own pain, I couldn't comprehend the fairness in the situation. It was hard for me to put myself in their shoes, which is something that I always try to do, when I had given them everything I had in me. Quite frankly, it felt like pure torment watching them take everything we had and pour it into a new life without me in it. The betrayal of stolen time was in their hands, and they ran with it, which hurt me to feel like it had meant nothing. Time is the one thing that we cannot get back in this world and it is my love language. In my eyes, no time is ever wasted, even in this situation. I knew there had to be a lesson, but that didn't stop my heart from breaking TEMPORARILY. The hurt that I felt was only a temporary emotion and part of my growth journey. Through the pain, I was grateful for all the memories that we had despite the hurt they left behind. But, that's just it, it was BEHIND me. Not in front of me. My journey ahead was going to be far more beautiful than the one I was leaving behind and I knew that it was better to fill my heart with gratefulness than with bitterness. It was going to take me further on my journey to smile with the pain than to act on it. I know that it was the right thing to do. That as much as I wanted to argue or hold onto something that was no more, I didn't. I just let them go and welcomed a peace that I had never felt before. Our journey together had ended and I needed to put my trust in what the plans for my journey was instead of forcing something to remain that was only meant to be a life lesson. Peace does not come from acting in anger or pain with the intent of hurting another. Violence is not beautiful. I have learned in my walk through life, that it is best to let go and let God handle it. He knows what we need and his timing is perfect. Though it may not align with our undying desire to rush through life, it is His plan and His timing and it is to be trusted. It's hard not to jump on the social media bandwagon in today's world when hurt comes, but that's not the way to do it, because the one and only person that will always be with you in every aspect of your life is God. And he is Always listening. Tell him your hurt instead of the world. Grow from your pain. Use it as strength to fuel that fire burning deep within you and be who you were meant to be. It is not a sign of weakness, it's a sign of evolving into something more beautiful. The same thing goes in a justice seeking setting. The world can be a cruel place, and often, there are more negative things that occur in our times than positive, or at least that's what we see. Be that as it may, I implore you, do not seek that fairness and equality in the same manner that the injustice was brought to you. Everything that we do has to be with pure intentions. Yes, let's stand up for what we believe in, and we CAN change the world, but let's do it in a positive manner. If we go out in that world and make a fuss with hurt, angry, or wrong intentions, the negativity will come. The media feeds from the negativity. It is the wrong doings that always seem to make the headlines first. We have to change this. That is the stand we need to make together. We have to build this world for the better. For the young eyes that watch what we do and how we handle things. I always tell my children, "Do it with your whole heart or don't do it at all." It is hard for me to believe that when we engage in acts of unkindness to one another, it is done with our hearts. No, that is not something that our hearts were made to promote. Being unkind was not a part of the process that it took to build our hearts, it was made only with love. In situations where you are being tested; it is best to listen, to understand, and to know that God sees all. We forget that we are all part of a bigger picture and he has put us here for a reason. Temptation and tests will block our path at times, look past them and keep your eyes on Him. He hurts with us. That frustration you feel will not comfort you, but He will. Can you see it?


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