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My understanding of the world when I was growing up was so simple and easy. The only thing that mattered in the world when I was a child was me. I finally get the meaning behind the saying " the world doesn't revolve around you" which is what I was constantly told by my parents growing up. I thought the world was in my life, not that I was a life in the world. Let me be clear though, I was a very loving child. I did feel sympathy, love, respect, etc. for all other living things. I never had the urge to hurt anyone or any living thing, and I was always caring, kind, and wanted to do right by others. However, the saying "it's your world, others just live in it" was how I thought the world was. Boy, was I so wrong. How innocent, naive, just so clueless I was growing up. You can only imagine how hard it was when I got hit with the whole truth of the world once I became an adult. What's even more disappointing is just when I think I finally figured things out, turns out it's still not the whole truth. In recent news, we have apparently been led to live blindly in one big lie. What we think we know about the world we live in has actually been constructed by the leading people of the generations before us. From the earth is flat and not round, to religion, to the law, circled all the way back to the fact that no person has actually ever stepped foot on the moon. Yes, you heard me! Evidence is proving that all the pictures we have ever seen of the earth are all actually computer-generated, MADE-UP, absolutely fake pictures of the earth, and the pictures out there of NASA landing on the moon is completely staged too. It's so heartbreaking to grow up and learn that the people in power can so easily deceive us and lie to us and not even care. Now don't take my word for it. The things I have been hearing and learning about could be completely untrue as well. I do not know for sure and if anyone disagrees with me, it's absolutely fine. I will say though, these "truths" that are surfacing make a lot more sense to me than anything else I've been told and there are so many unbelievable truths that are starting to come to light that is truly mind-blowing and completely eradicates everything I've ever learned. That's for another day though considering I can literally go on for days about all this, but let's stay on topic. Technology has advanced at an extremely fast rate. Technology has positively helped us keep everything running smoothly while taking a lot of pressure and daily strain off humans making things much easier in the workplace for us. However, technology is harming us as well. People these days are starting to depend on technology in a way that is actually hurting more than helping. While it is unbelievably difficult to remember the world before technology, technology is very addictive and has many negative effects on us. On February 25th, 2020, Jon Johnson wrote an article that was medically reviewed by Timothy J. Legg, PhD, PsyD, and published on the MedicalNewsToday website titled: Negative Effects of Technology: What to Know. In this article, he talks about how technology use hurts physical health, causing problems such as eyestrain, poor posture, sleeping problems, and reduction in physical activity. Technology is causing people to lose their focus easily, to lose their interest in things rather quickly, an increase in serious mental health issues, and also causing people to lose basic essential skills and knowledge much needed to survive in life. Some mental health problems that arise due to technology overuse are anxiety, depression, and poor self-esteem. In 2017, a study was conducted revealing that young adults 19-32 years old who overused technology were more than 3 times a likely to feel socially isolated. Today basic knowledge and essential basic skills arent even being taught, learned, or even used anymore. Although it may be highly unlikely, what would happen if all of a sudden all the tech in the world just shut down. If all the tech was all of a sudden shutdown, people would have no clue what to do. People couldn't even depend on themselves to survive. Some skills that technology has taken over are skills like internal GPS, a basic sense of direction. People are losing their communication skills causing them to fear human interactions and losing the ability to make friends. Academically, technology has taken away the need to learn are math, spelling, and handwriting. Why is losing the skill to handwrite not good? Writing by hand instead of typing is linked to the development of fine motor skills and cognitive development. Handwriting is also proven to cause better letter recognition which then results in faster learning to read. It is proven that children who learn to write by hand are better able to generate ideas and retain information as well. Keyboarding in place of handwriting will hinder the development of literacy skills which affects overall academic success.

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