My life in quarantine

I was fourteen only...My country was prospering and strengthening cooperation with international countries. My sunny country instantly became a place of darkness. The reason was that... Yes, the crowned enemy called COVID-19 decided to conquer the whole world, and achieved its goal in less than a year. Honestly, when we heard that a coronavirus had been detected in China, no one thought that the virus would come to Uzbekistan in a short time. "Because there is a distance between us, and medical science is growing" I thought. Unfortunately, nothing could stop the spread of the virus. Many called the frustration caused by the virus as the third World War. Yes, it was only invisible enemy, an enemy which invisibly eats our heart and kills us... Many states have been forced to cut off contact with each other after the coronavirus established its dominance over the rest of the world. Food and clothing prices have risen sharply, millions of people have died, the streets have been deserted, and the poor have suffered twice as much. For a young generation like me who is just growing up, this tragedy was a ''gift of despair''. Where are the bright future and prosperity? I wish all this was just a dream. But it was not...''So should I be frustrated, bored, and waste my time at home? Can I prove that I can do great things even sitting at home?'' I asked myself. Obviously, I can. Well, at first I completely changed my daily schedule, and set up time management. I thought that quarantine seems to extend far (unfortunately, this happened). In a year I could improve my English to get a high result from IELTS. My brother is an English teacher, I have enough time, no problem then...In three months I learned how to speak in English. Happily, despite being at home, I traveled to the world via the internet, and became global awareness. During the quarantine period I learned the capabilities of computer and mobile phone, and now I can understand this kinds of techniques and even help my family members in this regard. No matter how much we protect ourselves from the effects of the virus my dad, my brother, and my mum got sick at the same time. All the responsibilities, including the housework, taking care of patients were placed on me, we even suffered from the shortage of money. But I did not back down, I worked hard to create a bright future, I studied, I tried to find as many solutions to family problems as possible...The whole world tried...As a result the virus receded considerably. However, due to some inconveniences, many students were not able to watch the online classes organized in our country for one year, and there was a long break. If we compare the pros and cons of quarantine, of course, its evils will prevail. But due to this quarantine humanity has learned to value their time, loved ones, whatever they have today, and to pay more attention to their health,. The crowned enemy, who has being ruling the world for two years has not yet completely surrendered. Which means we will not back down either. I must say at the end of my story that among the hardships I have faced so far the one-year quarantine period has been a great life lesson for me. In a sense, I created a new version of myself. Bye, appreciate your time, family, whatever you have today. Tomorrow might be late...

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