Postcards From Beyond Reality Blurb and eBook Cover Reveal

The time has come for me to share my new happiness, my new eBook release announcement with you! Postcards From Beyond Reality: The Selected Poems of Michael Daniels is a young adult poetry book I wrote as a companion that is a sibling book to my novel Cruel Summer. Originally published in Croatian in a periodical Forum in 2003, Postcards From Beyond Reality: The Selected Poems of Michael Daniels will be released on Amazon on March 20, 2022 as an eBook and a few days later as a paperback! But you can pre-order it now! In this book of poetry, I dived into the mind of a teenage protagonist Michael Daniels from my novel Cruel Summer, writing about his dreams, longings, desires, traumas, passions. If that isn't intriguing enough, I hope my book description will be. *** His life has been a cocktail of melancholy, sorrow, and desire. When a skateboarder dips his pen into poetry, what will his passion create? After a lifetime of abuse and the tragic loss of his mother, NYC teen Michael Daniels needed an outlet. Despite his cheerful nature, his inner mind was teeming with the stark contrast of darkness and light. So, in this volume full of imagery and symbolism, his underground rhymes reflect days full of extreme sports, failed relationships, and nostalgic memories. Written by Bernard Jan in character as the hero from his novel Cruel Summer, this channeled view of the world is an extravaganza of extremes. And in its groundbreaking perspectives, you'll discover the cries of a heart longing to be understood. Buy this book of poetry and feel Michael's passion through these unusual literary postcards. *** I want to thank the authors from the Best Page Forward team who helped me with my blurb and Jessica Bell for the amazing book cover I am also presenting here. I hope you will embrace this book and treat it with love and affection. Please show some love to the Best Page Forward team and Jessica Bell by visiting their pages. And don't forget to pre-order my book on one of the links below and leave your honest review once I release it on March 20! Amazon Australia Amazon Canada Amazon UK Goodreads BookBub If you are a representative of the media, please click here for the press release. Thank you! BJ Subscribe to my mailing list. Follow me on Twitter. Original blog post:

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