The reward of the Covid 19

Our long-awaited wedding day was marked and our wedding was unforgettable and luxurious as in fairy tales) But unfortunately, after our wedding, quarantine began and we had to stay at home. I was very depressed at that time: I felt like I was trapped in a cage cutting off from the world. After I got married, I was looking forward to becoming a mother, and exactly a year later, I got pregnant. I had just graduated and was working as an English teacher in college. I grew up very healthy from a young age, and I could hardly remember being sick. My little happiness-unborn child was 6 months old and I enjoyed by feeling its actions. But I felt very weak, my bones had acute aches, and I lay down more and more unwilling to do anything. Thinking I was deficient in necessary vitamins, I started taking them. But one day I got so sick that I couldn't even drink water and vomited blood. My husband took me to the doctor immediately. The doctor listened to my health complaints and asked me to take a test on Covid and she warned me if Covid were identified on me, I would have to β€˜separate' from my baby otherwise it might be born with disability. I was taken analysis to test it. We had to wait a day for the results to come out. It was the longest, heaviest, and most tearful night in my life. After reading Covid symptoms on the internet, I was convinced that I was Covid. The next day the analysis identified and I was diagnosed with Covid. The world went dark for me, thinking that I would lose the little happiness that I had been waiting for so many years. My husband tried to make me laugh and cheer me up. I just cried and didn't know what to do. When my mother and brother were informed about this terrible news, they came to our house. Since they were both doctors, they started a strong treatment for me. I was isolated and only my mother would come up to me and feed me, inject, and give medicine. She swelled up as she cried a lot and she prayed for my recovery. After about ten days, my condition was improved and nearly recovered. But my baby in my body was barely moving. I was so scared that something had happened to it. I underwent a medical examination and it was detected that everything was in place and the child was sleeping a lot. It is obviously fact that all people had and still have some challenges and tough moments during the Covid; it caused to the separation of the people, some lost their close-knit friend or family members. People learned to be more tolerant and to hope for bright days. Luckily, my baby was born healthily. Covid seemed to me like the scariest dream in my life. As all things happen for the reason, this incident also taught me to be more patient, resilient, and powerful. I became more careful for my health. And because of my tolerance and strength, I was rewarded with a baby girl during the Covid 19. Now, I am the lovely mother of a honey-sweet and pretty daughter.


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