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Whatʼs your purpose in life? I still remember that event caused me to muse about this question deeply and to find the answer to it. The 16th of March. In the morning we didnʼt go to school. Bad news was being announced about the enterance of Coronavirus in Uzbekistan. Before we were banned to only celebrate holidays , but now we had to stay at home. Online lessons began but both teachers and pupils were not ready and their knowledge about social networks was too poor: Internet speed was very slow, few pupils participate and lessons were plain-vanilla: teachers gave questions and we wrote answers. Even so I thought I could feel the real diseaster of this illness when it entered in our village and especially, examined me with my beloved people. My dearest person, second mother – my granny was infected with Coronavirus. I was shocked because a thing I was mostly afraid had happened. She was taken to the hospital but I couldnʼt go, any family members also. At that moment the only reason calmed a bit was that my uncle who worked as a doctor was with her. I gave the same questions to myself again and again: When? How? Two days passed. Each time whan I asked my father how She was he didnʼt reply. " The virus progresses hard in old humans. Currently, the only hope is from Allah" - I cried when my mom told me doctors' conclusion. Uncle brought granny to home. Still she was breathing hard. He tried to put on oxygen mask on her mouth but she refused it, nobody persuaded her and also didnʼt take any medicine and just said "Anyhow, I donʼt want". Tears in my eyes I begged "Please, do something, uncle". Actually, I had already comprehended why she was doing like that. Maybe she would be very happy to die. Being happy to die so strange theory at first sight. However every patient who are fighting against a serious illness need bizarre courage. In old age your body becomes weak itʼs quite difficult to find this courage. Also she was left on the shore with the waves washing over her, unable to drown The next day everyone woke up except my angel granny- could She sleep inwardly? I was depressed. Itʼs so tough when you are seeing that your loved one is dying but canʼt do anything, itʼs pretty hard when you canʼt huge him or her for the last time, itʼs challenging when you know that you wonʼt be able to hear their voice anymore. After several weeks I could smell a sweet aroma of something while I was tidying the room." Grannyʼs flowers had spouted" I mumbled and went outside. These flowers' perfume is unique and fascinating thatʼs why every year in spring nearly all neighbours and relatives used to visit to pick up them. For this reason I had named them " Grannyʼs flower". She always said " We all die, our bad or good name stay afrer us". She died but her name is alive in her flowers or in people's memory who have smelled her flowers and in her words said to me. My grannyʼs death taught me to live my best life today and to be strong and that everything is temporary and doesnʼt become as we want. I was going to resemble my granny and I kind of reached my goal . In quarantine in a district near us a heavy rain and flooding took place, as a result population's homes ruined and stayed under the water. Because pandemic it was more difficult to help them. I decided to help them in spite of far distance. I posted challenge with headline "Dear compatriots, you are not alone! We are with you!". Soon many individuals commented and suppoted them. After that around the country the old, adults, children shared own stuff, clothes, toys, food with them. That occasion gave belief to me. Then I started my action online. Firsty, I prepared quiz and puzzles to make lessons more funny. Later I organised online competitions and gathered thousands of youth around me. Coronavirus wonʼt disappear, it will continue but canʼt appall us who are experienced now like before. Years ago, there wasnʼt a cure for flu, smallpox and whatnot thatʼs simple presently, this one will be too. Thereʼs one good thing in a bad one. Pandemic united the whole world together and on account of it humanity realised that they werenʼt be able to beat the virus lonely. I prefer to recall the period of COVID-19 with good aspects. We didnʼt know that Coronavirus would come and cause millions of people's death. And we donʼt know what will happen after a minute. Majority wait the arrival of time yet you are not able to guarantee you will wake up tomorrow . So today live your best life. I trust I found my true self by Coronavirus.

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