There are always good reasons in the worst of times.

I recall resting on the couch,my fingers scrolling through the news,as I stared at every headline with droopy eyes.It rained heavily,I felt drowsy.My gaze rose up to the screen on the walls playing the same news which bored me.My finger advanced towards the power button,yet halted,as my orbs caught sight of the headlines.'Coronavirus'.My attention peaked, as my dangling legs touched the floor.My gaze travelled on the map, as the small  spot, showed the new virus attacking civilians in China.My heart thumped yet I didn't fret. I knew it wouldn't last long. It killed thousands. A year passed.It spread like wildfire. Looking back,I was on the prayer mat, sobbing, but the flames burnt my heart with every cry.I mind the time, I thought it was a minor spread, yet I never comprehended that it would conquer the world. It terrified me. The sky dripped, as it cried tears with me.The virus swarming outside,hunting for another host to claim.I recall the last time I watched the news.It was hectic. Economies collapsed,people faced budget issues.Some fought the virus themselves.The whole world was cut off. My face hit the pillow. I flinched as I heard a knock. My swollen eyes met my mother's, filled with concern.I gazed down at the mouth-watering food she held, as my stomach churned, mouth dripped for its taste.I looked away. Mom:"At least eat a little. You'll get sick." She was right. I did feel sick. But I was stubborn.To my lack of response, she approached the bed cautiously as if trying not to startle me. I felt the bed dip as tears escaped my eyes, cascading my face. I felt her hands caress my back.I broke down. She embraced me. Mom:"Have patience. All will be well."She soothed me with her words.I finally spoke. Me:"Everyone is dying. She's in the hospital and I can't do anything!" My voice cracked as I whispered. My friend was fighting the virus. Mom:"There are always good reasons in the worst times." Her words made my heart drown. 'Every time, you're in your worst know that you are being tested.Tested for how much you can take, so you can face life.That is why there are good reasons in your worst times.' That's what grandma told us.She died when I was five yet I remember her like flames of a candle burning a dark room. Mom:"Do you want to go meet her?" I looked up to meet Ma's expectant eyes.I knew whom she was talking about.Of course I wanted to go meet her, but I was traumatized to even step out of the room, let alone go outdoors. I had lost a lot including classmates, teachers and closed ones.It felt as if I lost a part of me. I didn't feel like going out. I was depressed. Yet, I knew I needed to see her. She was the only one who could take me out of this misery, I just knew it. Flashback: 10 years ago. Multiple doctors gathered around her frail body, as I stood by the door, not being able to accept what was happening.My mother sobbed, and I didn't sense a thing. I knew  gran had left us. Her last breath was deep, as if cherishing the fresh air for the last time. I was paralyzed. I just couldn't believe it. She'd left me.Forever. It was beyond my brain's capacity. The day before she was here, smiling and that day, she was no more. She died on 19th of July 2010.It was the first time I experienced the pain of losing love. End of Flashback Here I stood. Before my guardian's grave.My hero.My world. My grandma. At the end,she was the one who made me see the sun. Me:"Hello gran. It's been a long time. Sorry I didn't come.." I broke down as I sat before her. Me:"My friend's in the hospital. She's sick.." I recall letting it out. It felt ...good. I wasn't terrorized of the virus.I felt relieved.I felt the weight lift. I literally felt it. We sat in the car.I could feel ma's gaze through the rear mirror, as I met her eyes. Mom:"You feel better?" She knew I did. I didn't reply. I heard her sigh. Mom: "You know why you feel better when you're close to her?" My orbs caught hers, as I stared at her with curiosity. Why did I? Mom: "She always saw the good in every bad. That's why you feel better close to her.  You know she'll always be there for you, even if she's not here with you." Tears appeared in her eyes as she smiled at me, before looking forth. I felt it. My mother was in pain, yet she always smiled, looking the best in everything. I remember hugging her.I remember feeling the breeze. It felt...good.I wasn't afraid anymore. Many had lost loved ones. I recall seeing my friend in pain, as I stared at her, helplessly. Now she's here, healthy. Every occasion is a test to see how far we could go. It occurs for a reason. That's what I believe. If someone close, left you, it just means God wanted to bring them to the world of closer to Him. I lost several loved ones yet I gained another star watching me from above just like gran. 'There are always good reasons in the worst times. If I am successful today, it is because these words made me strong.

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