To be or not to be

It's windy outside, the breeze blowing strongly in the air as the waves collide against another, crashing alongside the clock that can't seem to stop ticking as I look up to see the pitch-black sky hovering above and its thunder of roars that are as loud as my ears can hear. BANG! Another life is lost amidst the chaos as the room is filled with screams that are as loud as the thunder itself. Who am I to blame for the noise they have made for what has yet to come is only the beginning. "Everybody stay calm! I repeat, stay calm!", The unfortunate soul yells as if his life depended on it, as he repeats the same line all over again like a broken record, "Everybody stay calm! I repeat, stay calm!". The fellow crew member should have never spoken, if he continues as it is now he'd be the next target, a target of example. "Everybody stay calm! I repeat, stay-" BANG! A shot rings in the air which creates more room for chaos as I glide to the scene across the deck and glance upon the figure meters away from me. The soul that was left to die has now begun to rise again with his blood dropping across the once brownish-looking floor becoming a puddle of blood. Luck must be on his side because the only part of his body that got injured was his left leg. “Are you okay sir? Do you need any help?” I ask with a plastered glazed look full of concern. I help the man up and guide him to the nearest cabin room that I could find and lay him down to rest. The rain is descending fast alongside the thunder making the atmosphere intense and chaotic, “I'll be fine for now, thanks for the help ma'am!'' as he strides along the path towards the door. “Where can you possibly go in that condition?” I asked just before he got a chance to turn the knob handle. “The situation is getting worse and worse by the minute, if we don't do something now then who knows what would become of us”, he moves me to the side and proceeds to leave the room. Why does he want to proceed with this so desperately? The thought seems to keep lingering in my head as I try to find a place to take cover for the night. BOOM! A loud noise comes that seems to seep through to even the deepest parts of the ship. As I headed towards the scene I saw the blessed ambitious soul throughout the distance. I stop and take a quick look at what lies in front of me. Lifeless bodies are seen along with the impact caused by the small yet effective explosion. The number of people on this ride has been chopped down to ½ and there is only a handful of us left. The once bright soul has now become dim as he witnesses the scene in front of him. “This is all my fault, this is all my fault!” As he mutters over and over the same lines non-stop. “Get yourself together!” I say grabbing his full attention, “Aren't you the one who said if we don't do something now it will only get worse and worse? We still got time!”, I yell as I try to convince him that it's not too late. Why do I try to convince this person? It feels like I have gone soft… a change of heart perhaps? At this rate, I might just ruin the plan. BANG! Another shot rings across the room and the people who have come out begin to panic. Fully recharged like a phone in need of charging, he says, “Let's gather and calm the people as we find an escape route!”. I along with the blessed soul split up to gather the panicked people who were fortunately away from harm's way. “The Captain is dead and the boat is sinking! What are we to do now!?”, exclaims the elegantly dressed lady. I begin to search desperately for means we can use to escape when I realize that there's an island near us. “We can escape through the back door, it's the closest and safest way. As we hurriedly escorted the calm-panicked people towards the exit, BANG! Another shot rings through the air but this time thankfully, everyone's been escorted and nobody's been shot. BANG! A flabbergasted look is being shown across the soul's face as he says, “Why does it have to be you?”. It's just the three of us, two against one yet, it seems like one of us cannot seem to choose sides. -The End-

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