Our Love in November

The pandemic had put an ultimate stop to my life right in between my graduating from the 8th grade and moving into my first year of high school. It was hard not being able to make friends, not being able to experience the "norms" of a high schooler. But before we all knew it, the world was back to usual. After the ups and downs, I entered high school my sophomore year, and by my junior year, I had already made some great memories and friends. I am almost halfway through my junior year, but what a rollercoaster it has already been. The summer before, I had met a guy, he is a senior and we had gotten along very well. We met on the well-known app, Snapchat. Although I wish it was somewhere else. We had hung out plenty of times during that summer and as time passed I started to gain feelings for him. As a straightforward person, I confessed. He had apparently felt the same, although he told me he wanted to take things slow and just stay friends. I understood, even though we had already known each other for five months at that point. A few months later, he, his friends, and I all went to the movie theatre together. We had a good time and I started chatting with one of his friends. We clicked, instantly. Sometime later, that same friend, the guy I liked, and myself hung out at the mall. That same night, his friend told me some information about the guy that I liked. He told me how he confessed to not actually liking me and that it was a turn-off that I told him how I felt. Funny right? Eventually, this friend and I wanted to hang out together. But evidently, the guy that claimed to not like me anymore was totally against it. He decided on it being weird and suspicious. That's interesting considering he and I would hang out alone and it was completely normal. Now that I want to hang out with a different guy, it's not okay? We didn't let his opinion stop us and in time we spent time, together. Over the course of about a month, we were attracted to one another, it was instant. We were having phone calls that lasted over two hours, hanging out the whole day, and texting constantly. It wasn't until we confessed to each other one night, we were in my dad's neighborhood, on a night walk. It was like a dream come true. A few days later, we had our first kiss. After that, we started dating. It felt like magic. Love is something that can be explained but can't be felt unless in the midst of it. One night, he had pulled into my driveway to drop me off back at home. That's when I turned to him and looked into his beautiful blue eyes and said, "I am falling in love with you." He didn't hesitate, "Me too. Extremely." Was his response. I was quite nervous considering we haven't been dating that long, but it felt like forever. I quickly responded with, "I didn't know if it was too soon." And immediately he told me, "It's not." We kissed, and it wasn't like a make-out kiss or a quick peck. It was a "true loves" kiss. It was warm, long, had emotion, and was genuine. It was real. That's when I knew, I am completely in love with this boy.

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