No pain, no gain

The happiness, which wanders around us, is all the time welcome. The luck, which comes every now and then to anybody is appealing come rain or shine. Even the achievement, which can be grasped that rarely is equal to gold. How can they appear in our life? My recent preparation for the exam got the message through to me and opened my eyes to my surrounding. Admittedly, important occasions make people feel overly stressed in one way or extremely strong in another. That is the combination of both with me to define more than single way. One of the hot days of summer and amazing ones of my finishing school days. It came to me as a stroke of wisdom to consider my coming life with tonnes of intentions and plans for future. At some points, no objects to my desire, no dismays and even the sums of money, which I used to see only in my dreams. After a while, it became clear to me that all above was only for one reason-the exam preparations. Although I had achieved some academic successes in my chosen field-English, that was out of the blue. Then, everything changed so deeply as the tree changes from summer to winter at once. The chilly moments of my life blossomed more and more day by day, making me stronger and stronger to fight against my following battle. As everybody says" Late nights, early mornings " visited my daily basis temporarily. The reason why I had been a bit accustomed to such nights before it didn't take me too much time to dive in. I , at first, came up with the idea of getting ready as a group, with candidates like me. So, I started gathering information about them. Finally, I did it, but to my disappointment, we live in a village, which is limited to frequent car access, even the drivers, who were responsible for the line of our village to the city centre were indifferent about their jobs. It was all really painful for me to remember, but the result was that sweet, gaining weights over my pain. Regardless of the potential risks of missing the cars, I set my heart on becoming a part of the team. On the first day, it was a little bit harder to get on with the people in the group as I was a freshman, but then we got on well like a house on fire, we helped one another every time and even mentally gave aid by supporting. Everything had been going well till a misunderstanding happened to me, all around me were given special hometasks, but the tutor said nothing to me, no homeworks. At that times, I was considering myself as a backbone of the group, yeah, it was true that the tutor said something to all, but I didn't understand what or which book they were talking about. My one month -the only attending course month- went like that. Then, after the tutor's pupils took their exams,he came and suddenly declared that he was gonna quit his job, what about me and my exam -real injustice, disloyalty. That was the tutor, who inspired me to start the path and even promised to help me till the end, but then the one, who washed his hands in one of the four terms. I thought there had solely been three months to get ready, I wasted one month taking pride in my false power, so only two months left. I was near to cry and I did. Besides, the tutor handed in only few preparing books, regarding me as a transitory pupil. I felt the absolute unfairness at that time and decided not to ask any help from anybody, I wanted to show that I could accomplish everything by myself with my parents' financial provisions. The reason why I find myself an independent juvenile, I feel shy to ask money for my books from my parents. Then, giving lessons to the little school pupils seemed a great chance to me to earn money, not losing much time, I found an appropriate place and started my little business-giving English course for affordable amount of money. At a short time, the number of my pupils increased highly, two hours on three days of the week were devoted to my self-created part time job. Thereafter, I earned enough money to buy other exam books, but the reason why the registration fee was higher for my pocket money, I had no chance but to ask from my dad, in hundred of feeling of shyness I did and got the answer "ok, at the end of the month".I looked forward to the end of the month coming as I wait for a cake to be baked. To my astonishment and luck, my father sent me more than I asked, I praised my dad's sensibility as he thought about the way fare as well. As the time flies quickly, my two months were finished with full of efforts, I made the best use of the books while preparing, but the less days were leaving for the exam, the lazier I begun feeling. Suddenly an idea was born- looking behind, how much I did, I had already owned so much to take pride in, so I can do. For the sake of my parents' efforts, I must succeed and I did. I did cope with rising difficulties and felt happiness, grasped the luck -it was a blessing of God for my efforts.

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