What I learned from 2017

Usually every December I do a year review,where I look at the most important things and events that have happened and decide to really do all the stuff I write every year in my "New Year Resolutions list".I always end up promising:"I'll truly do them this year!" but I never keep it. How can I call this year for myself? Up until last week I couldn't make up my mind whether 2017 was a good or bad year for me.But then the death of someone important about a week ago totally changed this year .I learned a lot through this year and I learned a lot from what happened. One thing you need to know about me is that I worry too much for almost Everything, especially my future.I had to do exams this month and well teachers and parents and people frequently asking you:"So what will you become in the future?";"What degree will you choose?";"I think you should go for this degree because....blah blah blah."etc; are not helping either. Like seriously,isn't it already hard?! And when they talk about how your future *IS* supposed to be like according to them and you start picturing it in your mind,creating a full tabloid,when you snap out of that you realize it's not what you want but unfortunately nobody understands that.I feel like I'm suffocating every time this happens. So I can say 2017 was a pretty stressful year for me and just when I was trying to stand up again the tragic news hit me hard. But I'm not here to talk about that.I'm here to talk about what 2017 taught me.Even though the experiences I had were bad,those are the times when you learn the most important lessons in your life. 1.Firstly , TIME REALLY *REALLY* FLIES. This year I found my old childhood photos,I visited places that held so many memories and I realized...."Wow ! I'm growing up, getting more and more mature each year." and that thought scared me.The idea that as you get old you'll have responsibilities ,hard decisions to make to be honest it got me being regretful.How I wish I had enjoyed being a kid a little more, a little longer. 2.Enjoy EVERYTHING! Sometimes even the smallest things can make us smiley and happy but we fail to notice them cause we pay attention to the bigger picture.So just stop for a moment and .."BREATHE", look around and BE in the present.Live in the moment! 3.Every fruit ripens in its own time. Don't rush things! Whatever that will happen will happen when the time is right and no matter how much you'll try to speed that thing up...i'ts usually either not gonna happen or it won't work out in the end. 4.Love is the most beautiful emotion that exists. It's amazing if you get to feel the luxury of this emotion called "love" (and I don't mean having a crush on someone). Whether it's your parents,your pet,your boyfriend/girlfriend,your sibling and even if it's a one-sided love,even if that person will never find out how much you love them, it's still beautiful to feel that unconditional love for something and not expecting anything in return. 5.Screw the YOLO thing! Why do I think that? It's a good justification to do some stupid stuff in your life but personally I think it puts you into a :"OMG I'm wasting time not doing crazy stuff,not living my dreams,I won't have a second chance..." mode. Seriously though,it's ok to spend some days not doing anything,it's ok to not reach certain goals ,it's ok to not be like those you aspire to be so freaking much. You are just you.Don't think that you'll only find happiness by completing the big picture .The small details are what truly matter. And last but not least I hope everyone has a wonderful 2018! Honestly ,even if these last few years have been difficult , let's all move forward to this new year ,the first chapter of the new novel. No matter how bad it goes there's always a reason to continue fighting. Who knows?Tomorrow's a new day. Your life can take a drastic change in just a second. “And now we welcome the new year. Full of things that have never been”- Rainer Maria Rilke

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