Nothing is really over until you give up

In our country it is common and customary that girls get married at early age like 18-19, even it can be earlier than it. Mostly, in rural areas, parents prefer their daughters to be married instead of studying in universities, due to the fact that they are not able to support them financially. I consider that girls should also study, at least they should get enough knowledge before marriage. Because, life does not consist of only housework. That is why I have always been disagree with this fact. Two years ago, I made the most important decision in my life. At that time, I was studying at art school, and there were a few months left to apply for universities and take exams. By that time, I was going to apply to the National Institute of Fine Art and Design, as my field was art. However, I chose to learn English language instead of being a painter, even though I had a great chance to enter that Art university with scholarship. There were several reasons why I wanted to become an English language teacher, but the main one is my love to teach children. I have always been inspired by seeing their smile on their face when they learn something new, as they are always passion to get new information. Furthermore, by educating, I am able to bring a benefit to my community. Of course, I have not stopped drawing, so I have left it as my hobby. However, all of my relatives criticized me for making such a “crazy decision” (choosing a little chance by dropping a great chance). By their criticism, I was under pressure, also I had a few months left to prepare for university exams. Unfortunately, my country was in lockdown because of COVID-19, which lead me to only self-study without any teachers, since a lot of families suffered this year including my family, too. I studied for almost 3 months, applied for Uzbekistan State World Languages University (below UZSWLU), took the exam and waited for results. Then, the results came out, only 3 points were not enough for me to enter UZSWLU which had been my dream. My relatives again started to criticize me and tell my parents about marriage like their daughters instead of studying, since they argue ‘Would she become “a scientist” by studying?'. I am not against getting married, however, given the fact that mothers grow their children, who will educate and grow them better? – ‘Mother who did not study or mother who studied?' That is why, this inquire question also shows that girls should study rather than get married at an early age. Since, the last time I had been under pressure by people's words around me, this year I started to prepare exams without considering what people say or think about me. Moreover, I was not depressed by failing exam, as I know mistakes can lead to success. The only essential things were my dream and goal. My mother also supported me despite looking others, by seeing my enthusiasm to study, which also had been important to justify her truth. This time I had more time – 10 months, again I studied by myself in order not to bother my parents with financial support. I studied harder, learned more, worked more on myself, and took the IELTS exam before university exams. After had been self-studied for 10 months, I again applied for UZSWLU and took the exam. We waited for results of exams almost for a month, but this time it was worth to wait, I entered my dream university UZSWLU with grant. Now, I am a sophomore student, and I am not sorry for failing from exam first year, as I have learned only we can decide who we will be, not others; mistakes can lead to better changes; challenges and conflicts only make us stronger; the key to achieving success is effort without being stopped.


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