It was a time when we all played and laughed happily.No one thought about grief.However, the news that shook the whole world and its horror began to spread rapidly:COVID-19!Until today, he left an unforgettable scar in the hearts of millions of family members and relatives.But believe it or not, it gave our family a deeper understanding of our wonderful values.It is the best aspect of COVID-19! At that time, my aunt decided to enter the "battlefield", armed with a white smock and a mask, with the intention of fulfilling her duty.Therefore, she had to spend 30 days in isolation with seriously ill patients.She did not stop day and night for the recovery of the patients.But then her 2 children were young.Thus,missed their mother they were crying.Morning and evening, they waited for my aunt by standing at the window.Then my grandmother brought them to our house.She gave them and us love from her warm hug. About a week later, my mother was also called from the hospital.So we were left with grandmother and five grandchildren at home.Even though my grandmother was old, she was kind to us.She did not resist our mischief. They treated us with delicious food.She narrated the interesting and sad events she had experienced.At that time, 5 grandchildren and my grandmother lived in an unforgettable period of our lives.We were the links of a chain. The thing that united us was the sun of love, that is, my grandmother. Also, we all prayed that our mothers would never get sick.After that, the appointed time passed. My aunt and mommy returned to our house safe and having fulfilled their duties.With them, our house was filled with space. They told us about the dire situation in the hospital.Interestingly, during the treatment of the sick, they were helped more by kindness and cheerfulness than by drugs.It is a great happiness that love has played a big role in their recovery and brought joy to the families of the sick. So the greatest gift that COVID-19 left us was the endless love between our family members.Since then, we often gather around my grandmother for affection.She was our HOT SUN!!!

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