During quarantine

People are always adaptable. Even in quarantine, people had to get used to everything. He had to always wear a mask, keep his distance, be careful in public transport, stay at home for his health. Everyone had a lot of trouble at first, not being able to adapt to such an unfavorable environment, not understanding the situation. The virus scared everyone. Small viruses managed to put an end to the lives of thousands of people and scare everyone. Even if people cough a little, they are the first to feel embarrassed, fear that they have a virus, and run away from someone who sneezes. During such a dangerous time, many families received unpleasant news. I was separated from my loved ones and my heart was broken. There have been many changes in my life. I was preparing for admission at that time. Suddenly, a virus came and work was stopped everywhere. Thinking about the health of our family, our teachers turned the lessons into online learning. That was the first time I was lucky enough to attend classes on my personal phone. I missed attending classes because offline I was trying to get more from my teachers. I started studying online and my results are much better than before. After class, I took tests from test bases on social networks, and I could easily participate in online classes. My life started to improve a lot. Quarantine had another aspect that proved to me that I was not wasting my time. It made me realize how much time is wasted and how we can get bored in life if we don't live with a clear purpose. I stopped searching even during the quarantine period, being a strong-willed person, I developed immunity against illness and mental stress. I felt lucky to participate in psychological trainings and various international competitions. Besides, I was near my loved ones. One day, we were sitting at noon, when we received the news that our relative had died. He was 55 years old. He had a cough and he had not recovered from the flu for 2 days. I became a virus, am I going to die now? Then that person was examined and died without waiting for the results of the analysis. Ruhan felt that death was near and his heart could not bear it and died. I was scared when I heard. Because I talked with that person a month ago when I visited the vineyard. Most healthy people died tragically like this. They weren't a virus, but the depression was pulling them into its vortex. My father encouraged me in such difficult times. My daughter still has a lot to achieve. They said that we hope for you, my daughter. That's why I overcame the difficulties and continued. I also started studying. I became an example to others as the most exemplary, the most knowledgeable, the most aspiring, inquisitive, creative, talented, potential, capable, intellectually sharp, smart, intelligent and agile student in our university. Today we have to overcome difficulties and continue to live. After all, happy days are still ahead...

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