I and Covid-19

I was an applicant. My whole mind was occupied with learning and reading books. I was studying in an educational center with comfortable conditions that included teaching all subjects and rooms for us tenant applicants. There were many applicants like me.  There were only a few days left before the start of the exam. While we were reading books and preparing for the exam as usual, when we heard about the Covid-19 pandemic, we were all in a depressed mood.  that is, until the pandemic is over. But we all do not know when this disease will go away.  "We were confused by the statements that all the places were quarantined. Na k  The mind is like reading a book, and not an exam. We encouraged each other saying that we will not give up and we will not be defeated. At that time, our teacher was also pregnant and the days of the month were near. It is impossible to be depressed.  But the pandemic was taking people captive. It was as if there was a fierce battle between the virus and people in the outside world. However, as we all know, it was dragging those who are fighting against Covid-19.  I still remember that we were a strong-willed team. A few days later, our teacher also had a child. He was afraid to go to the hospital because of the great danger of quarantine everywhere, and a sweet baby was born at home. I have never seen such a situation in my life until now. Even if we were all depressed for a moment  left. Shiringina jajji  the baby brought hot faces to gloomy faces.  After days, hours, minutes, time passed, and the exam we were waiting for came in an instant. It was as if I was surrounded by a strong excitement. But if I could not overcome my excitement and pressure in front of the faith of my teachers and parents, I think it was a disappointment for me. The pandemic is still here.  to be continued... Finally, my dream came true and I became a student. But unfortunately, this Covid-19, as usual, has dried up the pillow of many people with its danger. My close friend's mother also died due to this disease. It was very difficult for her. Her young brother was left in her hands.  There were a lot of difficult days, it was not imagined by anyone to get into this situation. I always prayed to God to keep my loved ones safe, and after a few days the number of illnesses also decreased. I thanked God a lot for this with us but as if we beat him.

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