The value of my grandparents

My name is Aziza.I want to tell you about an incident that happened in my life. It was the December months... My grandmother had gone to discharge the Hajj. I lived separately from my parents in my grandparents' house. When my grandmother went on a trip, I caught the coronavirus from school. instead of getting better, my condition was getting worse day by day. Then I developed a fever and went to the doctor. The doctor prescribed me medicines and injections. I started taking them. My condition was very bad, I could not feel things like taste and smell. After 14 days my condition started to improve. December 15 was the day we were looking forward to because it was the day my grandmother would return from her pilgrimage. I decorated the house beautifully that day. And my father brought a beautiful bouquet to give to my grandmother. Finally we went to the airport to meet. it was a wonderful moment. We saw each other. Then I put my grandmother in the car with her things. Then the car was suddenly locked, and the car key was left inside. We tried to open the car. but we could not open the car. Then I, my grandfather and grandmother took a taxi and returned home. My brother took the second key to the car. My father and brother opened the car and came from behind. One by one, guests started coming to see my grandmother. It had been 1 week. My grandmother had diabetes and high blood pressure. That day, my grandmother's blood pressure dropped. I wanted to go to school, and my grandmother wanted to go to the clinic. Just as we were leaving a home, my grandmother's condition suddenly worsened and she fainted. my heart started pounding frequently with fear because I was about to lose a person in my life. I immediately called my grandfather and father. My father and grandfather quickly took my grandmother to the hospital. .I felt guilty about this incident because I might have contracted the coronavirus, so I don't know the exact answer. After some time, my grandmother's condition started to improve, and thanks God that she is fine now. What I learned from this incident is that a person lives temporarily in this life. One should always appreciate a person. One more thing changed my whole life. I have been growing up with my grandparents since childhood. I realized that my grandparents have been part of my life just like my parents. If I lost them, I would have lost a lot of wealth. I began to understand my grandmother's values ​​and I realized that the fortunes she gave were worth gold because no one else would give me the same advice as my grandmother. I thank God for returning my grandmother to me.

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