Good things brought by Covid 19

Three years, I was a girl without goals,no identity and no satisfaction with my life. My family was rather impoverished and my house was a trivial ruin.My parents worked early and late to support me and my two siblings. I was ashamed of not having dreams like my other friends, of not being a good sister to my relatives of my dirty clothes, of my marginal house.I used to cry a lot at night because my mom and dad didn't spend time with me. On one of those days, dark days started again in my life like darkness.I mean the disease of Covid has spread. This pandemic would kill thousands of people a day around the world. I would panic even more.Quarantine was announced those days.During that period people could not leave their homes,young people could not study,the economy and development stopped.It seemed like the earth stopped. However Covid has also brought light to my life.I mean, after the start of the quarantine, my parents were always with me without leaving the house. My mother used to prepare sweet food for me every day,my father read different books,we watched TV and cooked together. I was pleased on the one hand because my mom and dad used to spend time with me. The Best part is that I started setting goals for myself during quarantine.I made a plan to make my parents rich,to be an example to my siblings,to build a house for them like a palace.These aims gave me a zest for life,a light to my soul.I was awesome. Covid has strengthened the love between people, made it clear that happiness is not only about money.but real happiness lies in being kind to each other. All the people are in quarantine and the cars are not running and this is helping to clear the weather.Even in Venice the waters became cleaner,which was one of the positive aspects that Covid brought to Venice.Also,I countries where doctors are not respected ,their value is recognized and the people rely on them during this period. In this struggle,the countries of the world were united and extended a helping hand to each other.The whole world came together and defeated Covid.Life on earth started.The earth woke up again like a sleeping bear.Covid has brought a lot of good along with dark days to our land. I felt like I was born.Covid has taught me to set intentions to achieve them,to fight,to be strong,to be patient,to be thankful and most importantly to know who I am.My life is full of aims and I am currently working on them. Thank you Covid 19.


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