Believe in a miracle

In ancient times, there lived a boy named Shohrux in a small village. He was a shepherd and every day he watched over his flock of sheep. One winter day, Shohrux stayed behind with his sheep while his fellow shepherds went back to their homes. He would often tell his sheep that the wolf only comes at night. Then, to reassure them of the absence of wolves, he went far away from them. Shohrux and his companions walked along a long path into a cave-like structure. Upon reaching the entrance, they knocked on the door but nobody responded. The children tried to open it but it wouldn't budge. They were shivering from the cold and decided to light a fire to keep themselves warm. Suddenly, an old man appeared in front of them and asked who they were. The old man said that only those who believe in miracles could enter this place. Shohrux's friends were happy to hear that and quickly entered the cave to greet Qorbobo, as they had heard about him before. Shohrux wanted to enter too but couldn't open the door despite trying several times. He eventually gave up and left. After two hours, the door opened by itself and Shohrux entered hesitantly. He realized that Qorbobo was indeed real and had magical powers. On New Year's Day, Qorbobo gave Shohrux and his friends gifts as a sign of gratitude for believing in him. They all celebrated together at Shohrux's house where he told them about his experience with Qorbobo. From then on, Shohrux was known as the miracle boy because he believed in miracles happening around him every day

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