Another hard, starving day for William started with a bright sun, but even the brightest sun couldn't brighten his life. He hasn't eaten anything hearty for about 5 months. His family were running out of food day to day. But today, out of nowhere, his sister Ola decided to share her small portion of breakfast. William rejected at first, but hunger won out. As usual, Will had six boring periods at school, and like other boys at his age, he had no interest in certain subject. William still feels misery when he thinks about the fact that his parents hope Will to finish school as an excellent student. He have to tell them that he doesn't need schooling at all, but not now. Every single day after school, he had to help his father with the crop; Will was sure that they will not make anything from this season. That's why Will saw it as an exhausting donkeywork. On his way to the farm, Will witnessed something that he will not forget for his whole life: the sun was burning like a hell, and Will stopped under of an old oak tree. Suddenly, he heard giggling behind him; he turned and was shocked. His history teacher, Mr. Briceson, and were standing, holding hands together. She said something funny, and both laughed very heartwarmingly. She then leaned back, and they shared a deep, passionate kiss for a few seconds. That few seconds seemed like decades for Will. He quickly grabbed his bike and paced to home. He forgot everything: burning sun, hunger, donkeywork waiting on a farm. That night was truly stressful. He left kitchen without having a dinner, because he didn't want see Ola, for now at least. He couldn't forget the moment their lips touched; they were climbing, engulfing each other like snakes do. He tried to get distracted to something else, but it didn't work. Surprisingly, everything reminded Will about what happened today. For an hour or so he kept thinking what to do next, and he decided to tell everything he saw to his mother. Will was awoken oy loud sounds: probably his mother and tather were arguing about money shortage again. Unfortunately, it wasn't the case. When Will entered the kitchen, his mother was sitting on the floor, while his father was leaning on the wall, breathing deeply. Will asked what was the problem, and whether they couldn't wait until dawn. His mother barely stopped sobbing, holding him a paper, she said: "Ola, she has left us.... Will sighed deeply and fell to his knees. Nothing, absolutely nothing, changed after Ola has left: the same hunger, the same donkeywork, the same burning sun... Spring of next year. Will was preparing to leave for school, and suddenly he heard someone coming in. He went to see who was that, and saw his sister holding a baby. He was shocked to say something, but after some time he cried, calling his mom. After Ola has returned, everything changed for Will: burning sun is not burning now, instead it is illuminating his life; donkeywork at farm is done at ease now because new watering system was implemented; his studies is going well actually he's trying to go to the city in order to study at college


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