Sometimes, life gets complicated, and you may find yourself wondering if you're enough and if you can pull through the phase of life you're in. Worse is when you can't explain how exactly you feel. Maybe nobody would understand. If they do, will they pardon the imperfections that now litter your life? Will you be enough? Would you meet up with the expectations they have for you when you can no longer meet your own expectations? Right behind closed doors, you question your identity, thinking that you are just some random part of something happening in the world. It is just hard to believe that you are not just some part but something more - perhaps a light meant to shine. But walking through those dark, silent moments, you wonder if you are enough and if you still have what it takes to shine the light they say you are. You want to give yourself a second chance but you feel you should just remain where you are and not dare to be more because people are already familiar with who you have always been. They may not accept the new version of you that's cringing inside - begging for expression. Well, what if all it takes to get to the next level is to realize that you have to be like a phoenix bird - a mythical bird that recreates itself from the ashes of its old self - and let out the expanded version of yourself begging within you for expression? Truth is, you do not have to stay in a skin that no longer serves the assignment of the Almighty for your life. You do not have to own up to habits, thought patterns, and associations that no longer serve you just because you want to feel like a part of the world. You need to let yourself evolve because to embrace the new, one has to be willing to shed some old; otherwise, growth won't happen. You do not need the entire universe to approve of you. All you need is the readiness to dare, shake off yourself, and put out a new horizon. The universe will be fine. You may not know how much you have hindered yourself from shining your light by sticking with the old patterns, but I wish you'd walk away from this content realizing that there is more to your existence and that if you don't let yourself reemerge, this world may never get to experience the unique perspective you have to offer. Be your own phoenix today. Dare to reinvent because you were made for such a time as this and you may never know how blessed your world is to have you if you never give yourself a chance to be that new version of yourself begging for expression. One thing is certain, though stepping out on a new light isn't always without resistance, at the end, you'll be glad that you dared to be you.

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