Deliciously Tangled

Deliciously Tangled by Jessica Jenkins Sitting at the kitchen table, my husband is sitting at the opposite side of me and I have a seductive look on my face. You can see it in my fierce eyes that I was ready to throw myself onto him. His sexy muscles on his arms attract me and I start caressing his arm and squeezing his muscles. I stand up and get closer to him slowly and I touch his face softly as he places his hands on my waist. I bend over and whisper in his ears, “Let's go to room, baby”. Goosebumps instantly covered his arms. I smiled! I grab his hand and we walk to the room. The anticipation is so strong and in a way, very overwhelming. I stare into his bright brown eyes, our lips touch and our hands start to wander. The taste of his kiss is so fulfilling. I can feel my heart beating fast in my chest. I move up to his ears and softly kiss them as he grabs and squeezes my butt. I move down to his neck and I can feel his rapid pulse on the tip of my tongue as I kiss his neck passionately and delicately. My lips quiver, my anxiety shoots up sky high and it feels like I'm high from a drug called “my husband”. I'm so addicted to his warm touch, his soft deliciously lips and the way he makes love to me. My lips transfer back to his lips because I just need to taste his kiss some more, savoring the sweet taste and enjoying every second of it. That steam between us gets hotter. My worries and fears shed faster than my clothes. I feel so safe and at home in the tightness of his hugs. It feels so right. We slowly undress each other and he gently guides me to the bed holding me by my waist. He slowly climbs on top of me as he slips inside me, so deep and so gentle. He has me so moist inside and out. The weight of his body on top of mine is just what I need to feel leveled and balanced. He slowly penetrates and his love penetrates into my heart and it gets so intense. It feels like we entered a realm of magic where the sparks fly and start burning. It feels hot like fire and I don't want to put it out. Moaning and breathing heavily as he makes love to me and kisses me. I could never get enough. It feels like we kissed a thousand times too few. Our bodies are so in sync that we climax at the same time and it feels like my soul is escaping from my body. It's so intense and overwhelming and grab his arms and squeeze like a stress ball. I release everything inside me and my whole body gets numb. I feel paralyzed by the love we are making together. We both feel a sense of relief and stress free for the time being. It was so perfect! That moment is now over and I wish it could've lasted a little longer but to finish the night off, we sealed it with a lip-lock and an I love you. It was the best feeling!

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