A conscious seizure

I was diagnosed with epilepsy back when I was 14. It slowly progressed and got worse until I was put on medication. Only one of my many seizures I was conscious for, sort of. I was asleep in bed when my entire body was numb, stiff. I was unable to move. I tried tp move my left arm, nothing; I tried to scream, nothing. I wanted to cry. I couldn't do anything and I didn't know why. I hadn't been diagnosed yet. I was completely terrified. I could feel my dad by my side. That is literally all I could feel. I tried to call him and I couldn't. It is by far my worst ever memory and my greatest fear that it could happen again. I haven't a clue how long this went on. It doesn't matter. All that I ever think of when it comes to my epilepsy is this horrendous memory and the fear of it happening again.

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