A horror movie helped+ing me to shape ma language

First but not last! To be frank,I'm not so good writer since I'm not really keen on this,I'll be somehow growing in your eyes just continue watching me. Some including me used to believe watching movies can only make you emotionally weak,yeah maybe but once when you lose your track and have lost a meaning of life Movies might help you to Comeback like a Lion while you went out like a dog. Same occurred with me since I m tasting everything I see on my way(I'm bout knowledge,learning).It seems I'm running out of topic but still it's OK since it's My Reality. Actually Back in 2017th or even earlier I watched out one episode of this film and it smhow fired me up I mean motivated me to find a solution for these problem. To first eye it may stupid... Right? but nope it's not we all can be in such condition idfc it will be in dreams or even in reality so,there should be someone to handle right? suree. Movie is Called: THE WALKING DEAD○○ sounds amazing isn't it? the use of language fulllllly differs than what we use in other words learn today,So,fully recommend to watch it out pal) and I recommend you to watch it woth subtitles since It can be double helpful 1st to watch it out(comprehend) 2st gain smth new it can some data or even vocab. Last but not least: Watch it pal)

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