A life in Lockdown

Early spring… We went to work to other region with my brothers. We settled in a house in the suburbs. All was going well. But unexpectedly, the whole world imposed a strict quarantine. And we had to stay there for several weeks. At first, it seemed very scary, because it was impossible to get further than a hundred meters from home. Roads which connect cities and districts were also closed. I was also afraid of contact with strangers and going shopping, because I knew the disease was very infectious. To be honest, it was a bit difficult to get used to this situation. We continued our work in the village as soon as the situation calmed down. On weekends, we used to go to the forest near our house. This quarantine was different for everyone. Some people slept with pleasure, some engaged in their hobbies, and others worked remotely. But older people were more worried about their health. To tell the truth, terrible news about disease scared people more than itself. Because hearing bad news about relatives made the situation worse. And it caused depression. In the background of these panics, the price of food products increased. This made the living conditions of people even more difficult. But Easterners have such a tradition that they do not abandon their relatives or people around them in this kind of situation. The rich people of our neighborhood provided poor people with food. The difficulties have passed, and the virus has cured. But love and warmth remained. People have overcome it all together. OK, let's put other things aside. Dear reader, let me briefly tell you about what this quarantine gave me. This short period of quarantine has taught me to love my family and live every moment with joy, no matter where or in what situation. And taught me to think correctly about every moment of life. The saddest memory of this quarantine was my grandmother's death.

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